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Free eBooks-June 2nd


Join us June 2nd for an event when a lot of amazing authors are promoting their work by offering it for free on Amazon. The event lists all the free reads.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle there is an awesome free kindle app for phones, tablets, and computers. Don’t miss out on some awesome reads! They are free for one day only- nab it June 2nd or pay for it later!

Here are few of the great books that are listed. Just click the thumbnail & you’ll be redirected to Amazon for information on each book!

June 2nd & 3rd Restraint is Free in Celebration of the Release of Unleashed

June 1st Unleashed is released on Amazon & B&N

June 2nd & 3rd Restraint is Free in Celebration of the Release of Unleashed.











Don’t miss the opportunity to read Restraint for FREE to follow Katya’s journey from the very beginning. Experience Katya’s present and a glimpse into her future during Unleashed.


Katya Waters dream has become reality until a mysterious admirer sets his sights on her pulling her into a game of self discovery. Follow her journey as she connects the mystery of her past with her thrilling present.

Includes the 1st chapter of Unleashed


Katya Waters finally made peace with her past.

Katya is unsure where she fits into the lives of the men who impact her so deeply. She seeks direction from an unlikely source with extreme complications. Her intuition screams that she isn’t safe and then the notes are delivered – written with words only the monster ever whispered.

Join Katya on her journey to self discovery as she pushes her boundaries unleashing her restraint.

Includes the 1st chapter of Dexter Master of Restraint. The 1st in a new and exciting series from the world of Katya Waters.

Restraint is available on Amazon for $2.99 (free June 2nd&3rd)

Unleashed will be available June 1st on Amazon & B&N

Add both titles on Goodreads


Unleashed- Cover and Blurb




Katya Waters finally made peace with her past.

Katya is unsure where she fits into the lives of the men who impact her so deeply. She seeks direction from an unlikely source with extreme complications.  Her intuition screams that she isn’t safe and then the notes are delivered – written with words only the monster ever whispered.

Join Katya on her journey to self discovery as she pushes her boundaries unleashing her restraint.




Adults 18+

This is a work of erotic fiction. The author does not endorse nor condone any of the behavior enclosed within. The subject matter is not appropriate for minors. Please note this novel contains explicit sexual situations that include but are not limited to, force, BDSM activities, bisexual acts,  multiple partners, and ménage. If any of the above mentioned acts offend, please do not read. Readers: please play safely, responsibly, and consensually.

Unleashed Cover Art- H E L P & win a copy of Restraint!

I need some H E L P!

I am at the stage in the process where Unleashed needs a cover. I found a few picture that interest me. I need help deciding what to do… I am very indecisive at the moment, which is a very bad thing when it’s the permanent cover of a book. The first in the Katya Waters story is Restraint. I want Unleashed’s cover to complement it. Here is Restraint’s Cover:

Here are a few choices I have in consideration. I will briefly explain why I chose each underneath the picture. Ignore the logo from the stockphoto logos. I’m not buying the rights to the picture until I know which one makes the cut! I also fell in love with some pictures by the same artist. I will show those just for kicks. I’d love to use them but I doubt they would work. Maybe in the future.

This is my favorite of the three I chose. I’m not sure where to place the title or author name, tho. I would love suggestions. Obviously the picture is fitting with the theme of the story and the leash is excellent for the title Unleashed. I would make the burgundy cloth the same red as Restraint’s cover.

Similar to the one above theme wise. The leash and the clothing choice. Yet again, unsure of the title/author name placement. I would deepen the red highlights in her hair to match the red from Restraint.

The color and themes are very close to the Restraint cover. This was my least favorite of the three, but it depends on word placement of the title/author name and the minor tweaks that would be placed.

What do you think? Which picture do you like the best?

What suggestions do you have? P L E A S E!!!

Below are a few other considerations for the cover.




<— These picture I thought were Wicked, but  they won’t work for Unleashed- perhaps another book later.

Please Help!!! I am going to post these picture on my Wicked Reads FaceBook page. Whoever offers the most help with this wins a copy of Restraint! If I choose your cover pic and suggestions I will send you an ebook copy of Restraint! Thanks so much for the help!

Unleashed- Betas wanted

Unleashed Betas wanted- New readers and ones who’ve read for Restraint.

I am almost finished with Unleashed. My projected date that betas would receive their copy is June 1st. This post is going out to all the people who have beta read for Restraint (Sass, Kris, Amber) and those who have expressed interest  (Vicki and Leila) Please let me know if you are still interested in beta reading for me.

I need help making sure that the flow from Restraint to Unleashed is a smooth transition. I need my mistakes noted by listing the page # and an example of the issue and the correction. Since I wrote the story my mind roves over the mistakes and replaces it with what should be there. This is a common issue for a writer. I need an open dialogue and constructive criticism. I will not be angry; I look forward to discussing the issues. During the beta process for Restraint I took advice from a beta and replaced an entire scene that I had been on the fence about. One beta needed questions answered about terms used in the story. I placed stronger explanations inside the dialogue. These things make the book a better story for the reader. I truly appreciate all the help. Understanding that we all have lives to live I think a two week time frame is adequate for the beta reader to read through Unleashed and note any issues they may have came across. If you don’t think you can do it in that time frame I will still appreciate any thoughts you have on the story. If the book just isn’t for you, don’t fret, just tell me and I will understand. I write for several different genres and in the future I may ask you to beta read for a different book.


Requirements and considerations: The beta reader should read Restraint prior to Unleashed or the story will not make sense. These are not stand alone books. Also the content may be an issue for some readers. The story is erotica; readers must be 18+.  Restraint falls into the “Dark” sub-genre of Erotica because of the catalyst that started the story. Unleashed is considered erotic romance. One last consideration: This is a kink novel which includes, but is not limited to, bisexual themes(f/f- m/m/f- m/f/m- f/m), menage, and the bdsm lifestyle. I wanted to inform readers of this. Everyone has a comfort level when reading erotica. The genre is very broad from HEA style romance to the opposite end of the spectrum with non-consensual themes. This is the reason the sub-genres were created. I want my beta readers to be comfortable with all the content, so please heed my warnings. You do not need to be a grammar expert or spelling wiz to beta read. Many different points of view are necessary during the beta reading process. A newbies to the genre would be welcome since it would allow me the perspective of a new reader that has questions. I want the story to be easy to read for new comers of the bdsm style books and complex enough to satisfy the kink loving pro. My mind is a lil bit jade so I don’t see what a more innocent reader would. I love Beta readers from every end of the spectrum- Innocent to Jaded- the average reader to seasoned writer.


Anyone who is interested in beta reading for me please email me @ or msg me on my personal Facebook page or Wicked Reads page. Please write “Unleashed Beta Reader” in the subject line.


Thanks and Happy Reading!!


Unleashed News

It amazes me how a story can evolve from such a small concept. When I began Restraint I never thought I would expand it from a novella, maybe 30,000 words. While writing Restraint the story expanded to a full length novel. When I completed it I toyed with the idea of a follow up book to wrap up any threads I left unwoven, and Unleashed was born. While I near the end of Unleashed I am saddened as I tie up Katya/Ezra/Cortez’s futures. I was drawn to many of the secondary characters that have so much story to give.

I was asked earlier this week whether or not I was a plotter or a panster- meaning do I plot the entire story out or do I allow it to grow as I write(fly by the seat of your pants). I am a mix of both. I know from the very first word where my main characters will end up at the end and who will join their happily ever after. It’s the journey in between the beginning and the end that I allow to grow organically. Sometimes my own mind impresses me. I will write something so minute that it has no impact on its scene. It could be 10 pages later or maybe 100 and I am shocked at what develops. Usually it is something dramatic that has me say to myself, “DAMN!” I didn’t even see the direction my own mind was leading me. This happened in Restraint. A scene where “Master Ez” does the unthinkable to Katya leaving her injured. At the time I wrote the scene for the true Master Ez, but my mind wanted something else. I changed my mind about how this impacted the story. I went back to add some foreshadowing for the readers and it was already written. My mind knew as I wrote that scene it should be the other Master Ez. It’s fascinating how the mind works. I will be impressed and feel slightly jealous, then I kick myself for the jealousy, “dumbass, it’s your mind, therefore, you wrote it!” Yes, I am a messed up idiot. This happened a few times while writing Chrysalis. I was brand new to writing and it frightened me.

So I’ve been moody for a myriad of reasons, but I think my subconscious was grieving the loss of the characters she has fostered these past few months. I wrote a scene a few days ago that came out of nowhere, it wasn’t created in my plotting. You could say my mind conjured it up to help me grieve. I created several new characters for this scene. I ignored what was flashing in my mind. Last night as I tossed and turned Mistress and Master of Restraint was born. I developed the characters in an instant, I already know their endings. My mind as I wrote Unleashed created their world and their connections. I will use Master Dexter as an example. We meet him during Restraint and he becomes a major character in Unleashed. Mistress and Master of Restraint series will begin with him. The Master of Restraint, Dexter. He is such a complex and intriguing character.

I don’t know if these books will be shorts, novellas, or full length novels. I will say that we will hear from Katya again. Without ruining a very dramatic scene that has a huge impact on the story, I will only say characters that were included in Restraint. Master Ezra, Master Dexter, Master Cortez, Mistress Queen, and Mistress Katya will be part of this series.

I am excited to begin this new journey of a story that is imprinted on my brain. The new voices that demand to be heard will have to quiet down for a bit. I have to finish and publish Unleashed. I also have to edit Chrysalis and publish it. My Atticus Fox story needs rewritten into the twisted fucker that he is. 😉 I originally slatted Chrysalis’ release for fall. I think it I keep on my path I can have my first work published by mid-summer. I visioned Atticus’ release in the early winter. I hope to push him to the fall depending on how demanding he is. After that I will begin Mistress and Master of Restraint. I am excited. I hope the muse keeps flowing stories into my mind.

Unleashed! I knew the story would be slightly longer than Restraints 52,000 words. My target was around 70,000. I am surprised to say that Unleashed will be near 100,000 words at it’s completion- almost double the length of Restraint. The flow of the story pours from me like water. I hope I do not disappoint fans with my path. Unleashed Target Release is around mid-June. Beta readers will receive it before this month’s end. Exciting! I need to do the cover art while my betas compile my mistakes and tell me what they think needs fixed. & I am grateful for those amazing ladies! Each one provides a different view covering all the aspects of the story and editing!

A footnote on Unleashed: A mystery will not be solved during the book and many people will want kick my ass. Know that it ties into one of the Master of Restraint books. And no, it will be at least the second book in the series until this mystery is revealed. It doesn’t take a genius to read my foreshadowing. The ladies closest to me should pick the answer right away. And it you don’t you will enjoy the painful pleasure in waiting to find out. *evil laugh*

I finally feel like a real writer now. We all have different views on our goals. I feel like I stuck the tip of my toe in the water when I wrote Restraint and published it. Now I am knee deep and loving the refreshingly, cool water.  By years end I should have 4-6 books published. I’ve already written close to 300,000 words in less than a year. It’s a fantastic feeling and it drives me to write more. After a very difficult start to my adult life, finally in my early thirties I find my real passion- the driving force of my life and I feel fulfilled for it. It’s a heady feeling that could border on obsession if I’m not careful. Imaginary worlds are a fantastic place to dwell when reality is ordinary and lacking. I just hope my imaginary worlds bleed into the reality by allowing me to reach my dream. Would I like to make money from my stories? Yes! Will it deter me if I don’t? NO! I write for me. If a reader finds it inspiring or entertaining, it’s makes it so much sweeter.


Taking a break for entertainment

I am trying to play catch up with reading and reviewing. My writing takes precedence over my entertainment and as a result I haven’t read as often as I’d like, therefore, no reviews either. I’m taking a step back from writing Unleashed to clear my head and allow new directions for the story to flow. Sometimes when you have scenes imprinted in your mind you fail to notice alternate choices. I am taking a one week hiatus to clear my mind of its stubbornness. Unleashed IS the end of the Katya Waters story arc and I would hate to write it a certain way and later on wish I had taken it in a different direction. I want no second thoughts.

All the new releases are calling my name. I am trying to avoid those at all costs. I want my friends to read them first and give me their opinions. This way I do not waste my week hiatus reading fluff or filler. I am settled on reading a few novellas by one of my favorite authors and combining that with rereading books for their comfort. Yes, I know most wouldn’t see a reread as entertaining. I actually find them stress relieving. I’ve read the story before. I know the direction it flows in. I know what to expect next. I can tap into the emotions that the story elicited the first or third time around. I am currently rereading my way through the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series- again or should I say, again and again… Yes, it isn’t masterpiece worthy, but there is simply something in the story that trips my trigger and entertains the hell out of me even as I laugh at mistakes LKH made. Actually, that last part makes me feel better about my writing- if a seasoned author can make mistakes, it’s not the end of the world when I do. I can laugh at myself and move on. I am reading a few novellas by Kitty Thomas- she is sick and twisted, and just gets me. She writes a story I can relate to and not feel judged for my strangeness.

So please forgive my shitty reviews. Not that they will be one star- just not well thought out and organized in the fashion I am accustomed. Right now my brain is fried from thinking too much, so it will be to the point with a few of my thoughts scattered in, but that’s it!

I also want to apologize to those Authors who wish Wicked Reads to Read for Review. I just do not have the time at the moment. I would love for my partner, Amber, on Wicked Reads fb page to review those for me. But I want to keep the reviews consistently mine. I will try to pepper in a few read&review for Authors when I can squeeze them in. So, please take no offense if I don’t get back with you in a timely manner. It also depends on my mood since I read certain genres with certain moods. It’s kind of hard to get into erotica when you feel frumpy or read romance when your hormones demand that romance is dead. & I can only take so much YA since I am a grown woman. I enjoy all these genres just only as the mood dictates. A psycho vamp read is great when I am angry. lol!

I’ll be spending my time on Wicked Reads on facebook, pinning on Pinterest, reading some awesome stuff, and writing craptastic reviews.

Hope everyone is relaxed and entertained! & I always have time to offer recommendations so please ask!!!

And a plea to those who have read Restraint: Please share the book with friends that like that sort of read. Also, tbr list me on goodreads. I know I’ve said this over and over- so just one more time. I need feedback, especially while I step back from writing Unleashed. I don’t mind if it’s negative just as long as it’s constructive. Please rate/review on Amazon and Goodreads. Word of mouth is the most important thing to a self published author, especially a unknown author trying to get her book out to the masses. Please & Thank You!

*booting up the nook*
Erica Chilson