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Taking a break for entertainment

I am trying to play catch up with reading and reviewing. My writing takes precedence over my entertainment and as a result I haven’t read as often as I’d like, therefore, no reviews either. I’m taking a step back from writing Unleashed to clear my head and allow new directions for the story to flow. Sometimes when you have scenes imprinted in your mind you fail to notice alternate choices. I am taking a one week hiatus to clear my mind of its stubbornness. Unleashed IS the end of the Katya Waters story arc and I would hate to write it a certain way and later on wish I had taken it in a different direction. I want no second thoughts.

All the new releases are calling my name. I am trying to avoid those at all costs. I want my friends to read them first and give me their opinions. This way I do not waste my week hiatus reading fluff or filler. I am settled on reading a few novellas by one of my favorite authors and combining that with rereading books for their comfort. Yes, I know most wouldn’t see a reread as entertaining. I actually find them stress relieving. I’ve read the story before. I know the direction it flows in. I know what to expect next. I can tap into the emotions that the story elicited the first or third time around. I am currently rereading my way through the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series- again or should I say, again and again… Yes, it isn’t masterpiece worthy, but there is simply something in the story that trips my trigger and entertains the hell out of me even as I laugh at mistakes LKH made. Actually, that last part makes me feel better about my writing- if a seasoned author can make mistakes, it’s not the end of the world when I do. I can laugh at myself and move on. I am reading a few novellas by Kitty Thomas- she is sick and twisted, and just gets me. She writes a story I can relate to and not feel judged for my strangeness.

So please forgive my shitty reviews. Not that they will be one star- just not well thought out and organized in the fashion I am accustomed. Right now my brain is fried from thinking too much, so it will be to the point with a few of my thoughts scattered in, but that’s it!

I also want to apologize to those Authors who wish Wicked Reads to Read for Review. I just do not have the time at the moment. I would love for my partner, Amber, on Wicked Reads fb page to review those for me. But I want to keep the reviews consistently mine. I will try to pepper in a few read&review for Authors when I can squeeze them in. So, please take no offense if I don’t get back with you in a timely manner. It also depends on my mood since I read certain genres with certain moods. It’s kind of hard to get into erotica when you feel frumpy or read romance when your hormones demand that romance is dead. & I can only take so much YA since I am a grown woman. I enjoy all these genres just only as the mood dictates. A psycho vamp read is great when I am angry. lol!

I’ll be spending my time on Wicked Reads on facebook, pinning on Pinterest, reading some awesome stuff, and writing craptastic reviews.

Hope everyone is relaxed and entertained! & I always have time to offer recommendations so please ask!!!

And a plea to those who have read Restraint: Please share the book with friends that like that sort of read. Also, tbr list me on goodreads. I know I’ve said this over and over- so just one more time. I need feedback, especially while I step back from writing Unleashed. I don’t mind if it’s negative just as long as it’s constructive. Please rate/review on Amazon and Goodreads. Word of mouth is the most important thing to a self published author, especially a unknown author trying to get her book out to the masses. Please & Thank You!

*booting up the nook*
Erica Chilson

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