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Wanton (Blended #2.5) is LIVE on Amazon

Wanton 1000

Orbiting one another’s lives, yet never intersecting, a clandestine meeting finally pushes Opal Fischer within Ginny Jamison’s path.

In the past, in the present, and in the future, both women make a major impact on the lives of the Blended Family. They worry more about their loved ones than themselves, pushing their needs and wants to the back-burner. They themselves are the only ones in their own path to true happiness, by holding onto the debilitating wounds of the past and refusing to let go of their visions of the future.

Opal’s lifelong adage: the sin isn’t in the wanting; it’s in the taking. Will Ginny be able to make Opal realize the sin is actually in the regret of never taking what you want, what you so rightfully deserve?

Wanton (Blended #2.5) is a full-length Contemporary Romance novel featuring the slowly budding relationship between two females. Warning: a glimpse into future Blended Series books, with sensually erotic scenes featuring f/f & f/f/m. Wanton is approximately 67,000 words in length.



Book after Book, after Book…

**I just spent the last three days in the car,  riding from Pennsylvania to New Mexico, desperately searching for a book to hold my interest. That is the emotion behind this blog posting- pure frustration mixed with bitter disappointment*

A plea to my fellow wordsmiths from the reader in all of us.

I spend a great deal of time in analytical-mode, observing others for their actions and reactions. I do this to perfect my character development. Lately, I’ve had a difficult time reading anyone’s books but my own because of ‘character lobotomies.’

I’m not just speaking of Indie or traditionally published authors. I’m speaking of BOTH!

Like actual human beings: age, gender, personality traits, emotional baggage, and careers should drive your character’s actions. The hardest thing for me to swallow when reading: characters acting out of character. The dumbass or helpless female disease. Many a doctor, lawyer, or other professional women, with 8+ years of higher education and an analytical mind with a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude, turn into dipshit, teenaged girls in these books.

“I know this is a bad idea, but I’m gonna do it anyway. So there!” *sticks tongue out like a petulant five-year-old child when in actuality is a 35-year-old professional* “Aren’t I cute and funny? Hehe!” *Looks like the first to die in a horror flick.* “Oh, shit, I shouldn’t have done that. Gonna get hurt now unless some manly man rushes in to save me.”

Erica rolls her eyes, threatens to smash her Kindle, and puts the author on the long list of DNF & ‘never-going-to-read-a-word-you-write-again.’

Authors: you have your characters thinking one thing in their internal monologue and reacting in an opposite fashion. This seems to be the norm today, along with insta-love.

Why this diatribe today? Well, I was reading a book I thoroughly enjoyed, and then it was lobotomized. Personally, the short backstory was the key to my interest. I would have rather read that instead. It was hard-hitting, engrossing, and worthy. Instead of expanding on the story to create a solid foundation, the author went ahead and made it about insta-love. I say it’s a cop-out. Write the story out, and quit selling me phony romance without a backbone or foundation.

There is something to be said about intensity, chemistry, and tension.

Build some.

In so many books today, the protagonists meet, and then it’s instant attraction and… *shudders* L-O-V-E? Really? Seriously? Love? What happened to lust?

It takes time to build a foundation of love, one that is only made over time, over interaction, over emotional attachment. This is never built over sex- never, ever. If you believe this phony bullshit, you’re probably addicted to the high of ‘new love’, or as it’s better known, infatuation.

9 times out of 10, this occurs. I realize in order to properly show the time it takes to develop a real relationship, the readers would be bored out of their skulls. But to ‘tell’ me versus ‘show’ me WHY they fit as a couple, is taking the easy way out, and a detriment to your story. Lastly, not everything has to be about sappy romance or hot sex.

No, it doesn’t.

Because if all you have is sappy romance and hot sex without any real story behind it, then it’s forgettable and a dime-a-dozen, and personally, the sex is just flat.

I expect certain things out of a book. In YA or NA, I expect the girls to do something stupid, since they are, in essence, children. They are without the experience of life, the growth to make sound decisions. But in those novels, the females act older, wiser. They save the world in Fantasy and Dystopian novels, or live on their own while their wayward parents are off living their life somewhere else, acting criminally for leaving their underaged children alone for long periods of time.

I found the missing and idiotic parents to our YA heroines and heroes in Contemporary romance/erotica novels. In today’s contemporary romance and erotica genres, you have 25+ year old females acting the way those in the YA & NA should have been behaving. How do you explain this shift? Why do our younger readers get strong role models and our adult readers get “Too Stupid to Live” females who give all women a bad name?

One book that will forever stick in my mind, a female doctor, highly intelligent, acting like a twelve-year-old in heat, pranking hospital faculty. They took an oath to save lives, and the author is making light of this highly intelligent character with slap-stick, over-the-top bullshit for the sake of comedy. For me, it’s not funny if you’re trying too hard. It’s just freakin’ annoying.

Next up, the hotter than blazes Mary Jane. MJ’s internal monologue is something like this, “Woe-is-me.” “I’m 35 and no one wants me.” “I’m shy and quiet, and my last boyfriend was mean to me.” “I don’t trust men.” The author usually writes one, more often two or three, hot guys sniffing at MJ’s tail. & in their POV, they find MJ the most gorgeous creature, engrossing in conversation, and completely sounding like MJ in their minds. Add, “I’m fat.” “I’m ugly.” “I’m boring.” Yet these women are goddesses in the hotties’ eyes.

I get the realism of using everyday women, and the fantasy of being wanted by 5 hot rockers or billionaires, or what have you, but it’s an insult to my intelligence… and freakin’ annoying to boot.

Next up, these Gods among men, who are starve-gutted for plain Mary Jane, mysteriously sound, act, and react like a woman… or a douchebag. Never an in between. Then douchebag gets pussy-whipped by MJ, and then his internal monologue becomes just as hers. Without fail.

If I’m reading a male’s POV, I expect him to act, react, and sound like a dude from page one to ‘the end’. A guy in love is still a guy, not a girl who is wielding a penis aimed at our damsel-in-distress. If the girl can’t save herself, her male clone shouldn’t be able to save her, either. Right?

Candy at the Van Predators versus Streetwise, Badassed Bitches.

As I said, these intelligent, streetwise, or take-no-prisoners women always have a baggage-filled backstory (which I love, and I always wish the authors would write that instead of the fluff-filled romance piece they publish). Today’s woman slept in a shelter with a knife in her hand to save her pitiful belongings. She’s on the run from an abusive ex. Meets a guy by happenchance (always is the case, right? Gotta love fate!), and trusts this new stranger infallibly. Character trait lobotomy, anyone? This is without fail, always, and was so difficult to swallow that I was furious.

So then the dude starts in on possessive shit, and she shrugs it off, ‘cuz you know, it’s NOT like she doesn’t recognize the signs after being abused. He’s hot. *shrugs* He wants her mousy ass. *shrugs* I’m sure he’s a good guy, even if he’s telling her what to do after a handful of words, and now looking, touching, and breathing on her in a way that makes her girly parts tingly. *tingling so intensely I wonder if she has feminine itch*

It’s been 12 hours, in which she lost a job, gained a job, cried, gained an apartment and money, did all the necessary body functions, spoke less than 100 words to this dude (none of them of any real substance) but has looked at, and been looked at by, this insanely HOT dude, so all her reasoning skills and intelligence just flee her mind to pool at her itching stranger-danger zones. She’s been super busy, dang it! I’m exhausted for her just by writing the sequence of events out. (I know I can’t get THAT much done in 12 hours- oh, she slept too!) (She puts the Super in “HERO”ine) She’s spent maybe an hour in this dude’s presence, but now she thinks she loves him, and his POV is thinking the same about her, too…

Awww… how sweet, and toe-curling, and sexy… I hope they make cute babies on their first time, because that’s the rational thing to do.

Are you freakin’ kidding me? Seriously?

(I’m not making fun of just this book, since the 7 I tried to read in the past 24-hours have followed this same formula)

I’m not a feminist, but this pisses me off. & more often than not, all women are depicted as dumbassed bitches while spouting how intelligent, streetwise, and gun-shy they are. Trust? What’s that? It’s called following strangers around, and then letting them touch the places your parents warned you about without having something called a conversation first. *growls in fury*

But it’s love at first sight, right?

No, sweetie, it’s a thing called lust.

How about the author creates some sexual tension by NOT having the characters have sex and fall in love in the beginning of the book (both of which spells out ‘THE END’ for me) Build to the moment without giving into instant gratification and ploys. If you wrote a douchebag, have him douchebag it up for ½ of the book (love/hate, sexual frustration and tension) with a ¼ for redemption, and the last ¼ for ‘THE END’.

Don’t give me the meat before you even scoop the serving of potatoes on my plate, after completely bypassing the salad. We are a generation of dessert eaters when I still want to digest the whole, entire meal.

Book after book, after book, after book, after book, in an endless stream of sameness- a sameness I cannot stand.

I understand there is a guideline to each genre, a formula to follow, but c’mon! Don’t ruin your well-thought-out story by following the herd. The incredible story you briefly mentioned, as a way to introduce your character so she could get acquainted with the nearest mattress, IS the story you should be telling. Not some mediocre, dime-a-dozen, formulaic clone of all the rest.

Entertain me.

I read like an editor, and I’m not speaking of grammar rules, even though we all break them. I read a book like an editor, reading it in a way to FIX it, develop it into something more. It’s this quest that has me looking at my books with clear eyes, longing to better them for the reader. A quest I will soon be embarking upon for the Mistress & Master of Restraint Series. I don’t follow the herd. I don’t write for my readers. I challenge myself to write a better book than my last, to remove the ‘character lobotomies’ from the storyline, to write with true substance, to evolve the chemistry, the lust, the intensity of the characters’ romance.

I keep trying to read, trying to finally reach that  intoxicating feeling where if disturbed I’d knife the asshole who broke me from the story… but I can’t find that plane of existence any longer.

I need more, and dear Author, I want YOU to give it to me!



I knew from day-one that my titles would be pirated eventually, and they have been since early on. I was passive about piracy, knowing it impacted my sales yet hoping it would draw in true readers. I likened the piracy to a twisted library of sorts. I purposefully left off the DRM from the first few titles in my series, and then put a DRM on the later titles. My stance, “Here, have a copy. I hope you get hooked, and then pay for the rest.” 

With that saying, I know from reviews on whether or not it’s a pirated copy. As I said, I was pirated from early on with Restraint, and that Restraint no longer exists. I don’t  even have a copy. Yet two years and some change later, readers are still reading, judging, and reviewing me based on the edition of a book that sold fewer than an hundred copies… so what are the odds you purchased the ‘extinct‘ Restraint  and it took you 30 months to review it? I’m no statistician, but I’d say the odds are next to none, considering the tens of thousands it’s sold in its current form.

My warning to pirates: You may not be reading the book in its actual form, and when you review it as such, you are caught. But not only that, you are missing out on what the book evolved into, ruining and confusing you when you read the subsequent books in the series. & that is a pity and a shame for the reader, the author, and most importantly, for the purity of the story itself.

Why am I writing this blog posting? Several times over I’ve been contacted about my books not only being pirated, BUT SOLD. Yes, SOLD by PIRATES.

If you want to read my book for free, then by all means, get it from a piracy site. I’m not being facetious. I’d rather you get it for free than pay your hard-earned money to my pirate. But if you pay that fuckerfucking pirate, damn you to HELL!


If you want my book for free, fucking contact me and I will send one to your Kindle. But to pay the pirate for OUR HARD WORK, MAKES YOU AN EVEN BIGGER ASSHOLE! 

I work no less than 12 hours a day to earn 30 cents on the buck, to where I then pay the government a third of that. As an indie author, I then make 20 cents on every dollar I sell, but out of that I have to pay for business expenses: laptops, software, cover images, cover artists, (I’d pay an editor, IF I COULD AFFORD IT). WHO THE FUCK COULD LIVE OFF THAT? & I LITERALLY WRITE ENDLESSLY, AS YOU ALL KNOW, JUDGING BY THE 1,500+ PAGES I’VE PUBLISHED IN THE FIRST HALF OF 2014

To have my work not only stolen but resold… you have no idea how disheartening of a sensation this is, or how much fury is coursing in my veins. BECAUSE I’M FOLLOWING THE FUCKING RULES, THE LAW, PAYING TAXES ON MY WORK, AND THEY ARE NOT!

FYI: Plead ignorance all ya want, but if you are ‘purchasing’ from a dealer no one has ever heard of, you know what’s up. If you are a reader, you know who the major retailers are, or you buy straight from the publisher. If it looks hinky, it is.

FYI: NEVER HAVE I EVER published a PDF of my work. If the copy you are reading is a PDF, it wasn’t from me!

FYI: I lowered the price on Restraint to 99 cents for this exact reason. Now I’m under-bidding my pirate selling asshole friends who are bilking the ignorant and the criminal out of $1.50 a copy.

FYI: I’ve given tens of thousands of copies of Restraint and Good Girl away for free, and will continue to do so along with my ‘honest’ pirate friends. If you’re the honest sort, you’ll be out 99 cents for 700 HUNDRED PAGES of my hard work. You can either get it for free during Amazon promos or from a pirate, pay ME FOR MY HARD WORK, OR pay some asshole pirate who is laughing at you all the way to the bank.


Now if this just doesn’t make a person want to say the hell with it all, and cut their losses, I don’t know what does! It’s a spit in the face. I feel like I’m in an uphill battle against an unmovable army. I’m selling more books than ever and only getting paid half of that because I’m literally giving my books away for Free.

I want to know your reaction when you go into work tomorrow morning and your boss tells you how you have to work the next six months of your life, an upwards of eighteen hours a day, and NOT get PAID! You could live on that, right? You could deal with that, right? How about then your boss takes your earnings and gives it to some asshole criminal- all of it. And then your boss makes YOU pay the taxable income on what that asshole stole. Yeah, chew that over.


-peace out!


Cover Reveal – Widow by Erica Chilson

WIDOW cover/blurb reveal signup

Exciting news! Angela over at Wicked Reads was kind enough to extend her time and energy on helping us promote Widow. The first step is with a Cover/Blurb reveal signup. If you run a blog/group/page, and would like to join us, please click the link below to fill out the form. Shortly, signup for the Widow Blog Tour will begin, with ARC copies of both Good Girl & Widow for your blog/group/page’s reviewing pleasure. Stay tuned! & thank you!

***Click HERE to signup** 


This posting is a notice that the UPDATED EDITIONS Tab was added to the top of Erica Chilson’s webpage for the readers’ convenience. Listed below is the contents of the tab, but at any time it can be accessed via the website.

Erica Chilson’s titles are updated periodically. Some are major changes, which are listed on this website. Others are just editing issues being resolved. While Erica Chilson places requests with Amazon to auto-update the titles, it doesn’t necessarily mean they update. This is both frustrating for the reader and the author. If you are unsure if you have the most recent edition of Erica Chilson’s titles, you have 2 options for recourse.

Do not delete the title from your Amazon Library and rebuy, this will not update to the current edition. Many have tried this approach, and received the same exact copy again. It’s in Amazon’s system which edition you own, and you will keep getting it back like a thrown boomerang.

Option 1: contact Amazon directly to manually update the title. Below will be a step-by-step guide in doing so, using Good Girl as an example.

Option 2: Proof of purchase. Take a screenshot of the title, either on your kindle or the receipt of purchase. Erica Chilson will send you the most recent copy of the title, directly to your Kindle.
Step 1: add to your approved email sender list on the Amazon website, under ‘Manage content & devices‘ ‘Personal document settings
Step 2: send Erica Chilson the proof of purchase along with your Kindle email address to Your Kindle address will look something like this –>(
Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email from Erica Chilson that the title was sent to your Kindle. Please check your Kindle to see if the download arrived. Allow some time if it doesn’t appear right away.  (Remember to archive the outdated copy so you don’t mistakenly read it instead of the updated version, as the new copy will not overlap your old copy. In other words, you will have 2 separate copies on your Kindle)

Option 1, step-by-step guide: (Via Angela, during her Good Girl manual update via Amazon chat)

OK Everyone, here is the tutorial. It took me longer to write it up than it did to actually do the steps.

How to get Amazon to Push a Revised Edition of a book to your Kindle via Chat

1. Delete Good Girl from your Kindle device. Do NOT delete it from your Kindle Library. 
2. Go to Manage Your Kindle (Link on Your Account drop down menu)
3. Allow Your Kindle Library to load for a minute and then type in “Good Girl” in the Search your library box.
a. “Good Girl (Blended) – Chilson, Erica” should appear in the drop down menu & click on it.
b. Right Click on the Order Details link & Open in a New Window or Tab
c. Go back to the Your Kindle Library page and move your mouse to hover over the Kindle Help link (located on the upper right side of the page below your Wish List tab).
d. Click on the Contact Us link. This should take you to the Help & Customer Service for Kindle page.
e. On the left side of that page, there is a Quick Solutions menu. Click on the Contact Us button. (You may be prompted to log into your account again.)
4. On the Contact Us Page,
a. Section 1 should have the Kindle tab active, so chose your Kindle Device.
b. Section 2, make the following selections:
i. Select an issue: My Kindle Books & Periodicals
ii. Select issue details: Managing/transferring content
iii. Select additional details: Using Archived Items
iv. Ignore the Did You Know? Section that pops up.
c. Section 3, Click on the “Start Chatting” Tab
5. When the Chat Window pops up and prompts you to explain your issue, enter the following info.
a. Hi, I need the revised edition of Good Girl by Erica Chilson pushed to my Kindle Account. Here is the corresponding Digital Order Summary ‪#‎D01‬-5255260-6444807. I have deleted the previous version from Angela’s 2nd FIRE.
b. Be sure to change the Digital Order # to your order number (which can be found in the other open window or tab from step 2b) and your Kindle’s Nickname.
6. You should be connected with a Kindle Customer Service Rep rather quickly who can help you out.
a. Warning: I have on one occasion gotten a CS rep who did NOT know what he was doing. If the CS rep asks you to delete the book from your Kindle Library, tell him/her NO, that you need the revised edition pushed to your Kindle and ask for a different rep if necessary.
b. Be sure to open the newly arrived copy of Good Girl and make sure the header at the top of the page reads GOOD GIRL (BLENDED) before you end your chat.