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Wicked Writer’s Betas: Submission form


Erica Chilson is doing a Beta Reader Drive, looking for enthusiastic readers willing to beta read. The Beta Reader Drive will run until mid-August-through-early September.

Signup form for Erica Chilson’s beta readers. Please fill out the form below with the necessary information, and await a response from the author. (Beta drive runs through mid-August/early September, in preparation for the M&M Series rewrite & Warped (Blended #3)

Applicant is NOT required to be a reader of Erica Chilson’s previously published works. The author is re-editing all of her works before republishing in ebook form and in print.

Erica Chilson writes in several genres, meaning she needs a variety of beta readers willing to read specific types of stories. The author is looking for a group of betas, who she will choose between depending on the type of book to be beta read, as well as the content within the story. Also, betas have lives, and Erica doesn’t wish to tax her betas on a continual basis, attributing to her need to have a revolving team of beta readers.

***You do *NOT* have to be a proofreading genius or editor to apply***
Erica Chilson stresses that beta reading is about the R-E-A-D-I-N-G. She is looking for readers of all types to spot different things. We all read a book differently than our fellow readers. She is specifically looking for anything that is jarring, tearing the reader from the story. If your strong-suit is proofreading, GREAT. If not, GREAT TOO! Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

Erica Chilson is **NOT** looking for an editor. Please be respectful by NOT editing the author’s work. Pointing out errors in grammar, punctuation, run-ons, awkward sentence structure, redundancy, discrepancies in timeline, and character trait lobotomies is what beta reading is about.The author is NOT looking for word-by-word, line-by-line sentence restructuring and editing, since Beta Readers are not professional editors. This leads to the ‘voice’ of the story no longer sounding as the characters and the author herself.


Erica Chilson thanks you for your time and your interest in becoming a member of the Wicked Writer’s Betas.

**Click here to fill out form & submit**

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