Delve into my imagination

Unleashed- Cover and Blurb




Katya Waters finally made peace with her past.

Katya is unsure where she fits into the lives of the men who impact her so deeply. She seeks direction from an unlikely source with extreme complications.  Her intuition screams that she isn’t safe and then the notes are delivered – written with words only the monster ever whispered.

Join Katya on her journey to self discovery as she pushes her boundaries unleashing her restraint.




Adults 18+

This is a work of erotic fiction. The author does not endorse nor condone any of the behavior enclosed within. The subject matter is not appropriate for minors. Please note this novel contains explicit sexual situations that include but are not limited to, force, BDSM activities, bisexual acts,  multiple partners, and ménage. If any of the above mentioned acts offend, please do not read. Readers: please play safely, responsibly, and consensually.

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