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Erica’s ramblings and info on Book 2

Here is a lil info on Restraint– Katya Waters Book 2- and some of my own ramblings…

Since the release of Restraint a little over a week ago I have been writing my ass off! I am excited to say that I am 40,000 words deep into the continuation and conclusion of the Katya Waters story.  My goal is to have the first draft completed in a few days. While Restraint was just at 52,000 words, I project that book two will end up over 70,000; which is excellent news for all the fans of Kat and the gang.

The official title of book 2 is Unleashed. While the premise of the story is Erotica, the title Unleashed holds symbolism for the characters, not just its actual meaning. I wrote Restraint in the same manner. My novel Restraint represented the control or restraints we place on ourselves on a daily basis- holding ourselves back from our dreams and stifling our emotions. The book takes place in Katya past as well as her present. Unleashed is tearing away all those restraints that bind us to the perceptions we place on ourselves, and moving forward towards a bright and fulfilling future.

I will say that I grew right along with Katya on this journey. Did I dream that one day I would wake up and be an author of Erotic literature? No. I began my journey writing an Urban Fantasy series, which I followed up with a concept of a sociopath male protagonist. <— Both of those works will be complete this summer. But I digress, my point being the titles of my novels all hold symbolism not just for my characters, but for me as well.

I wrote Chrysalis at a point in my life when I didn’t know up from down. I was messed up. Chrysalis is about transforming into your true self. Now, I feel free to be who I was meant to be- ME!

Even in the progressive world we live in there is a stigma attached to Erotica- take for instance the controversial view on 50 shades of Grey trilogy . As I wrote Restraint I worried what people would think of me writing SMUT, especially those who physically know me. First, I will say that Restraint & Unleashed are not smut. Humans by nature are sexual beings, if you want to take people on a journey it is difficult not to include sex. If you want to take people on a  journey of sexual discovery they automatically label it as smut or trash. My books will always include sex. Sorry folks, that is just how it is going to be. I do not write for children. Some of the content will bother a large percentage of mainstream readers. I write for myself and for a small fraction of readers who “get” me. As I worried about whether or not I should use a pen name for my erotic work vs my fantasy work, I was struck dumb. I was doing to myself what the very premise of my books are- breaking the restraints and Unleashing your true self. I was not standing up and professing “This is Me- take me for who I am”.  I was being prejudiced against myself- judging; and this was the exact thing that worried me most from others. So I told my negative, internal dialogue to shut the hell up and I went about my journey….

I was at a crossroads with my novel titled Shattered. I wasn’t sure what direction to take Atticus. I am happy to say that my own journey of self discovery uncovered the direction. I am so pleased that I didn’t just struggle through with Atticus and create something that was mediocre. Atticus Fox evolved into someone dark and twisted- as he was meant to be.

I want to announce that upon the release of Unleashed, I will hold a 48 hour free promotion of Restraint. I would like to reiterate that I value any feedback from readers whether like-love-loathe-indifferent. Please post a review or rate on Amazon and Goodreads. & for all the Goodreads members, please add Restraint on your tbr list if it is something you may like to read in the future.Word of mouth is most important to self published authors. I beg that you please help spread information about my novel if you enjoyed it. Just a few recommendations on Facebook or Goodreads to friends that enjoy a similar read. I would truly appreciate it.

I would also like to announce that on July 24th my novels will be available for purchase on b& for the Nook and its apps.

Enough of my ramblings- I believe it’s time to get back writing Kat and the gang. I’ll be sure to tell Master Ez you said hello!

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  1. kris

    keep it up erica! you’re rockin it!

    May 4, 2012 at 3:20 pm

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