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Warning: Erica Chilson is revising/rewriting/restructuring/editing/formatting the Mistress & Master of Restraint Series in its entirety for release into Print. A few titles will receive updated covers, as well as a more descriptive synopsis. The FINAL editions will vary from those currently in release.

If you are a new reader, and not one who enjoys rereading, then I suggest you ‘wishlist’ or ‘TBR’ the following book & subscribe to Erica Chilson’s website:
However, if you would like to read this title in its current form, and then experience its final edition, or if you have previously purchased this title, an ebook update will become available. You will NOT have to repurchase another ebook copy. Instruction on how to update, and whether or not you need to update to the most current edition, can be found on Erica Chilson’s website under the tab ‘Updated Editions’.

Erica Chilson apologizes for the inconvenience, and hopes that the readers understand her decision to create and publish a professional book worthy of its story and its readers.

*warning will be removed when the Final editions go live, and a new warning will published. If reading this statement, then the Final Editions are not available as of yet*



Erica Chilson’s titles are updated periodically. Some are major changes, which are listed on this website. Others are just editing issues being resolved. While Erica Chilson places requests with Amazon to auto-update the titles, it doesn’t necessarily mean they update. This is both frustrating for the reader and the author. If you are unsure if you have the most recent edition of Erica Chilson’s titles, you have 2 options for recourse.

Do not delete the title from your Amazon Library and rebuy, this will not update to the current edition. Many have tried this approach, and received the same exact copy again. It’s in Amazon’s system which edition you own, and you will keep getting it back like a thrown boomerang.

List of titles, with their current edition dates: Erica Chilson will update this list when changes are made to the titles below.

Mistress & Master of Restraint:
Restraint: July 2013
Unleashed: July 2013
Dexter: November 2012
Dalton: November 2012
Queen Omnibus: Original edition. Dec 2012
Jaded: Original edition. Dec 2012
Queened: Original edition. Dec 2012
Checkmate: Original edition. Dec 2012
KING: Original edition. March 2013
Faithless: Original edition. July 2013
The Hunter: Original edition. August 2013
Integrated: Original edition. November 2013

Good Girl: February 2014
Widow: Coming June 2014

Option 1: contact Amazon directly to manually update the title. Below will be a step-by-step guide in doing so, using Good Girl as an example.

Option 2: Proof of purchase. Take a screenshot of the title, either on your kindle or the receipt of purchase. Erica Chilson will send you the most recent copy of the title, directly to your Kindle.
Step 1: add to your approved email sender list on the Amazon website, under ‘Manage content & devices‘ ‘Personal document settings
Step 2: send Erica Chilson the proof of purchase along with your Kindle email address to Your Kindle address will look something like this –>(
Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email from Erica Chilson that the title was sent to your Kindle. Please check your Kindle to see if the download arrived. Allow some time if it doesn’t appear right away.  (Remember to archive the outdated copy so you don’t mistakenly read it instead of the updated version, as the new copy will not overlap your old copy. In other words, you will have 2 separate copies on your Kindle)

Option 1, step-by-step guide: (Via Angela, during her Good Girl manual update via Amazon chat)

OK Everyone, here is the tutorial. It took me longer to write it up than it did to actually do the steps.

How to get Amazon to Push a Revised Edition of a book to your Kindle via Chat

1. Delete Good Girl from your Kindle device. Do NOT delete it from your Kindle Library. 
2. Go to Manage Your Kindle (Link on Your Account drop down menu)
3. Allow Your Kindle Library to load for a minute and then type in “Good Girl” in the Search your library box.
a. “Good Girl (Blended) – Chilson, Erica” should appear in the drop down menu & click on it.
b. Right Click on the Order Details link & Open in a New Window or Tab
c. Go back to the Your Kindle Library page and move your mouse to hover over the Kindle Help link (located on the upper right side of the page below your Wish List tab).
d. Click on the Contact Us link. This should take you to the Help & Customer Service for Kindle page.
e. On the left side of that page, there is a Quick Solutions menu. Click on the Contact Us button. (You may be prompted to log into your account again.)
4. On the Contact Us Page,
a. Section 1 should have the Kindle tab active, so chose your Kindle Device.
b. Section 2, make the following selections:
i. Select an issue: My Kindle Books & Periodicals
ii. Select issue details: Managing/transferring content
iii. Select additional details: Using Archived Items
iv. Ignore the Did You Know? Section that pops up.
c. Section 3, Click on the “Start Chatting” Tab
5. When the Chat Window pops up and prompts you to explain your issue, enter the following info.
a. Hi, I need the revised edition of Good Girl by Erica Chilson pushed to my Kindle Account. Here is the corresponding Digital Order Summary ‪#‎D01‬-5255260-6444807. I have deleted the previous version from Angela’s 2nd FIRE.
b. Be sure to change the Digital Order # to your order number (which can be found in the other open window or tab from step 2b) and your Kindle’s Nickname.
6. You should be connected with a Kindle Customer Service Rep rather quickly who can help you out.
a. Warning: I have on one occasion gotten a CS rep who did NOT know what he was doing. If the CS rep asks you to delete the book from your Kindle Library, tell him/her NO, that you need the revised edition pushed to your Kindle and ask for a different rep if necessary.
b. Be sure to open the newly arrived copy of Good Girl and make sure the header at the top of the page reads GOOD GIRL (BLENDED) before you end your chat.

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