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Wildly Wedded Wife (Blended #1.5) LIVE on Amazon for 99 pennies

Wildly Wedded Wife Wildly Wedded Wife (Blended #1.5)

Bethany Oman: Another six months and my thesis will be finished, and then I can stop this suffocating charade. My dream is to become a therapist specializing in sexual dysfunction. What better way to write my thesis than in a Playroom filled with sexual deviants? Only problem, I had to become a deviant in order to gain entrance to the Playroom… and then I had to explain my motivations to Augustus Kline, who offered me protection for a very steep toll.

My other dream is standing before me, smirking with anticipation. My original, lifelong-dream, who could easily destroy any hope of my becoming a therapist if I’m not careful.

And Rory Essex makes me feel anything but careful.

Willing to do anything it takes to gain the woman he loves, Rory makes a deal with Beth, which forces him to bargain with the Devil Himself.

Accepting Augustus Kline’s toll into the Playroom, Rory gains the key to making Bethany his Wildly Wedded Wife.

Wildly Wedded Wife is Book #1.5 in the Blended Series. Contemporary Romance with erotic themes. 18+. Warning: content may be too steamy for those with delicate sensibilities. WWW is approximately 35,000 words.

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Wildly Wedded Wife: Eloping July 1st

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Widow: Live on Amazon

Widow Cover


Widow (Blended #2), the long awaited sequel to Good Girl is now available for purchase on Amazon. Please click the image to be rerouted to Widow’s sales page.

Trying to overcome insurmountable odds: lifelong secrets plaguing both families, the failed, bitter romance between their eldest born, the ghosts of their deceased spouses, and the addiction that taints everything it touches. Will Malcolm Mason and Clover Webster be able to forge an unbreakable bond in order to traverse this landmine of a blended family?

Widow is book #2 in the Blended Series, the sequel to Good Girl. Not suitable for younger readers: 18 +. Contemporary romance involving sensual, erotic themes. Prepare for a roller coaster ride of emotions: devastating loss, the mourning of death, the renewal of hope, the awakening of love, the unexpected humor of watching one’s loved ones fall down, get back up, and dust themselves off. Blended is the chaotic calamity of everyday life.

Title: Widow
Series: Blended
Book in series: #2
# of pages: 617
Price: $4.99

WIDOW: read an ARC for FREE

arcCurious to see what happened after Good Girl ended, way before other readers get a chance? Are you a blogger or page/group administrator, or just a ravenous fan? Here is your chance to not only read Widow early & for free, but obtain a copy of Good Girl too.

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Cover Reveal – Widow by Erica Chilson