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Unleashed- Betas wanted

Unleashed Betas wanted- New readers and ones who’ve read for Restraint.

I am almost finished with Unleashed. My projected date that betas would receive their copy is June 1st. This post is going out to all the people who have beta read for Restraint (Sass, Kris, Amber) and those who have expressed interest  (Vicki and Leila) Please let me know if you are still interested in beta reading for me.

I need help making sure that the flow from Restraint to Unleashed is a smooth transition. I need my mistakes noted by listing the page # and an example of the issue and the correction. Since I wrote the story my mind roves over the mistakes and replaces it with what should be there. This is a common issue for a writer. I need an open dialogue and constructive criticism. I will not be angry; I look forward to discussing the issues. During the beta process for Restraint I took advice from a beta and replaced an entire scene that I had been on the fence about. One beta needed questions answered about terms used in the story. I placed stronger explanations inside the dialogue. These things make the book a better story for the reader. I truly appreciate all the help. Understanding that we all have lives to live I think a two week time frame is adequate for the beta reader to read through Unleashed and note any issues they may have came across. If you don’t think you can do it in that time frame I will still appreciate any thoughts you have on the story. If the book just isn’t for you, don’t fret, just tell me and I will understand. I write for several different genres and in the future I may ask you to beta read for a different book.


Requirements and considerations: The beta reader should read Restraint prior to Unleashed or the story will not make sense. These are not stand alone books. Also the content may be an issue for some readers. The story is erotica; readers must be 18+.  Restraint falls into the “Dark” sub-genre of Erotica because of the catalyst that started the story. Unleashed is considered erotic romance. One last consideration: This is a kink novel which includes, but is not limited to, bisexual themes(f/f- m/m/f- m/f/m- f/m), menage, and the bdsm lifestyle. I wanted to inform readers of this. Everyone has a comfort level when reading erotica. The genre is very broad from HEA style romance to the opposite end of the spectrum with non-consensual themes. This is the reason the sub-genres were created. I want my beta readers to be comfortable with all the content, so please heed my warnings. You do not need to be a grammar expert or spelling wiz to beta read. Many different points of view are necessary during the beta reading process. A newbies to the genre would be welcome since it would allow me the perspective of a new reader that has questions. I want the story to be easy to read for new comers of the bdsm style books and complex enough to satisfy the kink loving pro. My mind is a lil bit jade so I don’t see what a more innocent reader would. I love Beta readers from every end of the spectrum- Innocent to Jaded- the average reader to seasoned writer.


Anyone who is interested in beta reading for me please email me @ or msg me on my personal Facebook page or Wicked Reads page. Please write “Unleashed Beta Reader” in the subject line.


Thanks and Happy Reading!!


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