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It amazes me how a story can evolve from such a small concept. When I began Restraint I never thought I would expand it from a novella, maybe 30,000 words. While writing Restraint the story expanded to a full length novel. When I completed it I toyed with the idea of a follow up book to wrap up any threads I left unwoven, and Unleashed was born. While I near the end of Unleashed I am saddened as I tie up Katya/Ezra/Cortez’s futures. I was drawn to many of the secondary characters that have so much story to give.

I was asked earlier this week whether or not I was a plotter or a panster- meaning do I plot the entire story out or do I allow it to grow as I write(fly by the seat of your pants). I am a mix of both. I know from the very first word where my main characters will end up at the end and who will join their happily ever after. It’s the journey in between the beginning and the end that I allow to grow organically. Sometimes my own mind impresses me. I will write something so minute that it has no impact on its scene. It could be 10 pages later or maybe 100 and I am shocked at what develops. Usually it is something dramatic that has me say to myself, “DAMN!” I didn’t even see the direction my own mind was leading me. This happened in Restraint. A scene where “Master Ez” does the unthinkable to Katya leaving her injured. At the time I wrote the scene for the true Master Ez, but my mind wanted something else. I changed my mind about how this impacted the story. I went back to add some foreshadowing for the readers and it was already written. My mind knew as I wrote that scene it should be the other Master Ez. It’s fascinating how the mind works. I will be impressed and feel slightly jealous, then I kick myself for the jealousy, “dumbass, it’s your mind, therefore, you wrote it!” Yes, I am a messed up idiot. This happened a few times while writing Chrysalis. I was brand new to writing and it frightened me.

So I’ve been moody for a myriad of reasons, but I think my subconscious was grieving the loss of the characters she has fostered these past few months. I wrote a scene a few days ago that came out of nowhere, it wasn’t created in my plotting. You could say my mind conjured it up to help me grieve. I created several new characters for this scene. I ignored what was flashing in my mind. Last night as I tossed and turned Mistress and Master of Restraint was born. I developed the characters in an instant, I already know their endings. My mind as I wrote Unleashed created their world and their connections. I will use Master Dexter as an example. We meet him during Restraint and he becomes a major character in Unleashed. Mistress and Master of Restraint series will begin with him. The Master of Restraint, Dexter. He is such a complex and intriguing character.

I don’t know if these books will be shorts, novellas, or full length novels. I will say that we will hear from Katya again. Without ruining a very dramatic scene that has a huge impact on the story, I will only say characters that were included in Restraint. Master Ezra, Master Dexter, Master Cortez, Mistress Queen, and Mistress Katya will be part of this series.

I am excited to begin this new journey of a story that is imprinted on my brain. The new voices that demand to be heard will have to quiet down for a bit. I have to finish and publish Unleashed. I also have to edit Chrysalis and publish it. My Atticus Fox story needs rewritten into the twisted fucker that he is. 😉 I originally slatted Chrysalis’ release for fall. I think it I keep on my path I can have my first work published by mid-summer. I visioned Atticus’ release in the early winter. I hope to push him to the fall depending on how demanding he is. After that I will begin Mistress and Master of Restraint. I am excited. I hope the muse keeps flowing stories into my mind.

Unleashed! I knew the story would be slightly longer than Restraints 52,000 words. My target was around 70,000. I am surprised to say that Unleashed will be near 100,000 words at it’s completion- almost double the length of Restraint. The flow of the story pours from me like water. I hope I do not disappoint fans with my path. Unleashed Target Release is around mid-June. Beta readers will receive it before this month’s end. Exciting! I need to do the cover art while my betas compile my mistakes and tell me what they think needs fixed. & I am grateful for those amazing ladies! Each one provides a different view covering all the aspects of the story and editing!

A footnote on Unleashed: A mystery will not be solved during the book and many people will want kick my ass. Know that it ties into one of the Master of Restraint books. And no, it will be at least the second book in the series until this mystery is revealed. It doesn’t take a genius to read my foreshadowing. The ladies closest to me should pick the answer right away. And it you don’t you will enjoy the painful pleasure in waiting to find out. *evil laugh*

I finally feel like a real writer now. We all have different views on our goals. I feel like I stuck the tip of my toe in the water when I wrote Restraint and published it. Now I am knee deep and loving the refreshingly, cool water.  By years end I should have 4-6 books published. I’ve already written close to 300,000 words in less than a year. It’s a fantastic feeling and it drives me to write more. After a very difficult start to my adult life, finally in my early thirties I find my real passion- the driving force of my life and I feel fulfilled for it. It’s a heady feeling that could border on obsession if I’m not careful. Imaginary worlds are a fantastic place to dwell when reality is ordinary and lacking. I just hope my imaginary worlds bleed into the reality by allowing me to reach my dream. Would I like to make money from my stories? Yes! Will it deter me if I don’t? NO! I write for me. If a reader finds it inspiring or entertaining, it’s makes it so much sweeter.


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