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2 of my betas have read part 1 of Faithless. I used them to bounce ideas off of and ask questions and firm up my writing before the completed manuscript is sent off to the rest of the betas. Sass brought up a good point that I thought I should hit on.

*Mild spoilers for those who have not read up to KING.*

Don’t read if you haven’t read up to Book #8. I warned you- you better have listened or Mistress will get her pen out and write naughty, angry words about you. *snickers*

Torian Spencer. We know he is Syn’s nephew, but we don’t know how he is her nephew. Sass does now after reading part 1, but she was curious as to why she’d never heard from his parents in earlier? Later? books. Faithless part 1 is set in the same time frame as Jaded. So I will go with earlier than KING.
Answer: Point of View.

Restraint & Unleashed: Katya Waters knows none of the people in the M&M universe. She is in the dark. Her only connection to the people is through Ezra, and later, Cortez. & Let’s face it, Ezra is a shady dude. If you’ve read King, you know Ezra doesn’t even know half of the stuff he’s done when his alters are driving the bus. So do you really believe Katya knows anything… Kat is blind to everything… Blind.

Dexter: Dexter is living a normal life with an interesting hobby. He grew up, was best buds with Marcus and Grant, and went to college. He has a career and a wife… and a Tobias for his needs. Other than Restraint, he is out of the loop on just about everything & he wants it that way. He wants to live his life and not be bothered. He is a private kinda guy. Marcus is is his link & as you’ve found out during KING, poor Marcus was in the dark.

Dalton: Dalton was raised in Las Vegas. He doesn’t know anyone, not really. He knows Marcus and his own retinue from LV. During his book he learned things from Olivia. It was during KING that Dalton learned a lot, more than Whitt was learning. Dalton is tight-lipped to save his partner- obviously KING’s epilogue is building towards something…

Queen omnibus: Teenage Regina was in the dark. Mourning Regina was in the dark. Empowered Regina only knew Marcus’ light. Since Marcus was on the wrong path, so was Regina.

KING: Whitt can’t know what he doesn’t know. He learns a lot in the epilogue, but we read it in Ezra’s voice. ‘Daniel’ *he just yelled at me for calling him Whitt* learns a lot from Syn in the final chapters of Faithless, and a whole heluva lot during Silence- the epilogue builds to Silence.

Faithless: Syn is all-knowing. She knows everyone and everything. and readers will too by book’s end. Syn ghosts about, stalks everyone, and is the keeper of secrets. She is tight-lipped because if she speaks, lies and secrets spill from her mouth.

My reason for this post, characters are fictional people. They can only know what they see, experience, feel, and who they interact with. Example: Pre-Restraint, Kat and Dalton would never have crossed paths, so how could they possibly know one another. You can only know what you’ve been told, shown, or experienced, just as real life.

You will meet new people during Faithless that you didn’t meet in earlier books. They were there living their lives, but it was off scene. Faithless, you see what Syn and a few others were doing ‘off scene’ during those books. Same as how you saw characters who were ‘off scene’ during books 1-4 during Queen’s books.

You have to read a book from multiple Point of views to get a full picture of the story unfolding. I don’t know if I will do another parallel storyline. Cortez’s book, The Hunter, begins with a memory, goes right into a living nightmare, and takes us through his relationship with his loved ones. It’s not really like Queen & Faithless- flow wise. Silence will show glimpses of the past, but will be in the present. That epilogue is basically where Silence begins. I don’t want readers to have to read the same story over and over, but some spots must be shown not told. Such as the living Nightmare of Ezra, Cortez, and Aaron. Other stories won’t be shown at all- I believe that Wil won’t ever get a book. You will just experience him through all the others.

It’s difficult for me to make these decisions. Who gets their story told, how it’s told, what parts should be in real time vs memories or conversations. Like do I give readers Marcus in Las Vegas or just have him think about it. Queen and Faithless work because the readers were ignorant to what else was happening in that time frame, but at the same time I don’t want to be treading water, I want to move the story forward.

Info on Faithless release. No idea, guys. Sorry if it feels like a delay. It’s only been 7 weeks since I published KING. That’s it. feels like an eternity to me. My progress on Faithless is 2/3 thru part 2 of 3. It’s already the longest book I’ve ever written and I’m a lil over halfway finished with the manuscript. After completion, I reread, rewrite, reread again, send to betas, enact their edits & take their questionnaires into mind, I reread and rewrite a final time before publication. I do not know when this will happen- not 6 months or anything like that, but I will not rush it. I’ve already changed my mind on some major shit. I want no regrets, so no rushing. Faithless is also the equivalent of 5 of its predecessors, so that is why the book will take a lot of patience, effort, and time.

Some parts of Faithless are the most brutal things I’ve ever written, but at the same time, some of the sweetest and kindest. I’ve surpassed my boundaries and hopefully the readers will too.

Faithless is the ultimate puzzle that interlocks the previous books and opens a canvas for future books in the M&M of Restraint universe. 


2 responses

  1. Sandy

    Well Hot damm!!

    May 19, 2013 at 10:06 pm

  2. lita thomas

    Erica After reading up to King I understand why you have to take your time to write Faithless. These books are so much more than sex with multiple partners. This story take a brilliant mind to come up with the twist and turns in this story

    June 2, 2013 at 4:14 pm

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