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Family Tree

With the release of KING, a family tree is needed. I’d like to thank Diane for bringing this to my attention. I’d thought of it previously, but failed to do so. Someday, I will actually put it in the books!

Here is the link to the tab or you can just find it at the top of the website. I will update it as I go. I already know who is who inside my head, but I can’t add anything that hasn’t been published yet. Here is what I have so far. If anything is confusing or written strangely, comment or email me. If I am missing someone, bring that to my attention.

Currently, unless the character is biologically or legally related to another character, they aren’t on the list.

The List includes both series, M&M & Playroom.

Family Trees

Read at the risk of ruining any surprises I have within the published books. I will update relationships with each release. In other words, some things are still a secret. Unless the Character is Biologically or legally related to another character, they will not appear on the list.

Mistress & Master of Restraint

Katya Waters <- Ava Zeitler, Ezra Zeitler Jr-> Ezra (Holden) Zeitler
Katya Waters <– Azriel Abernathy-Zeitler –> Cortez Abernathy
Ava Zeitler <–> Azriel Abernathy-Zeitler <–> Ezra Zeitler Jr | Biological Siblings

Byron Holden <– Pearl Holden <–> Diane Holden –> Unknown Holden
Pearl Holden <–> Diane Holden | Biological Siblings
Pearl (Holden) Hastings <– Divina Hastings –> Richard Hastings
Diane Holden <– Ezra Holden –> Raymond Hunter  | Marcus Zeitler (adopted) –> Ezra Zeitler
Ezra Zeitler <–> Divina Hastings | First Cousins Mothers biological siblings
Marcus Zeitler <–> Dexter Hayes | first cousins Marcus Father & Dexter’s Mother biological siblings
Marcus Zeitler <– Spyder Fontaine Zeitler –> Olivia Fontaine
Olivia Fontaine <– Dalton Anthony Fontaine Marconi –> Anthony Marconi
Anthony Marconi <– Bruno (last name unknown) –> Mother Unknown
Pierre Fontaine <– Olivia Fontaine –> Mother Unknown
Adopted Siblings| Ezra Zeitler <–> Spyder Fontaine Zeitler <–> Dalton Anthony Fontaine Marconi<–> Bruno | Biological Siblings

Nathanial Hunter <– Raymond Hunter <–> Celeste Hunter (twins) –> Mother Unknown
Celeste Hunter <– Cortez Abernathy –> Julian Abernathy
Raymond Hunter <– Ezra Holden –> Diane Holden
Ezra Zeitler <–> Cortez Abernathy | First Cousins Ezra’s Father & Cortez’s Mother biological siblings

Wilhelm Whittenhower <– Daniel Whittenhower I –> Unknown Whittenhower
James Grant Atwater <– Priscilla Atwater –> Unknown Atwater
Daniel Whittenhower <– Grant Whittenhower, Katherine Whittenhower, Adelaide Whittenhower –> Priscilla (Atwater)Whittenhower
Grant Whittenhower <– Daniel Whittenhower II (Whitt) –> Gwen (secret)
Grant Whittenhower <– Daniel Whittenhower III (Niel) <–> Ella Whittenhower –> Regina Regal
Ella Regal <– Regina Regal –> Unknown Regal
Daniel Whittenhower II <–> Daniel Whittenhower III (Niel) <–> Ella Whittenhower  |Adopted| Biological siblings
Katherine (Whittenhower) Preston <– Whitney Preston <–> Priscilla Preston –> Unknown Preston
Daniel Whittenhower III (Niel) <–> Ella Whittenhower | Whitney Preston <–> Priscilla Preston | First Cousins thru Father/Mother Biosiblings
Daniel Whittenhower III (Niel) <– Unborn Baby Whittenhower –> (Surprise)

Update After Faithless
Henry Spencer <– Boyd Spencer –> (Secret)
Boyd Spencer <– Torian Spencer –> (Secret)

Thomas Simpson <– Fate Simpson <–> Faith Simpson –> Lara Simpson| Adoptive Mother | Bio mother (Secret Meyers)
Fate Simpson <–> Faith Simpson | Biological siblings

Stanton Green <– Bianca Green –> (Secret)

Martha Harris <– Kristal Harris –> Unknown Harris

Update after Faithless
Jon Wilson <– Jonathon Wilson (JJ)–> Unknown Wilson mother
JJ Wilson <– ‘Wil’ –> Unknown mother
JJ Wilson <– Etta Wilson –> Unknown Mother
‘Wil <–> Greta (Etta) Wilson | Biological Siblings

Update After Faithless

Playroom Series

Dave Prynne <–> William Prynne | Biological Siblings
Dave Prynne <– Clover Prynne <–> Robin Prynne –> Mary Prynne
Clover (Prynne) Websters <–> Robin Prynne |Biological Siblings
William Prynne < Hester Prynne (Essie) –> Ana Prynne
Clover Webster <–> Willow Prynne, Violet Webster, Seth Webster –> Sam Webster
Willow Prynne <–> Violet Webster <–> Seth Webster | Biological Siblings
Essie <–> Clover, Robin, Willow, Seth, Violet | first/second cousins
Margarette Webster <– Sam Webster –> Unknown Webster

John Mason <– Malcolm Mason <–> Isis Mason –> Penny Mason
Malcolm Mason <–> Isis Mason | Biological Siblings
Malcolm Mason <– Devon, Kieren, Raven, Weston –> Camille Mason
Devon, Kieren, Raven, Weston | Biological Siblings

Augustus Kline <–> Tina Unknown | Step-siblings


A reader created a visual  representation of the M&M family Tree. I’d like to personally thank Diane Peters for creating this. Much Appreciated!
Slide2 Slide1

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