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Teasers, Clues, & Sample Chapters

I’ve been posting a lot of Teasers and Clues the past few weeks as I’ve written Faithless. There are several reasons for this. First, it’s to whet the appetites of fans while they wait for Faithless and build anticipation… & I feel badly that it’s going to be a bit of a wait on its release. Second, I’ve posted chapter 1 and plan on posting up to chapter 5. The teasers and clues are a bit of fun because those particular subjects will be revealed within the sample chapters I will be posting.

I wanted fans to have fun following the clues before they get the answer. Why you ask… I’m a reader first. My favorite hobby is dishing books with buds- following clues and unraveling foreshadowing. I love figuring out what an author has in store for me. I even do this during movies and shows. So I assume that a vast amount of my fans are like me. We like a good juicy clue and go after it like a dog with a bone.

I apologize for those fans who do not read teasers, clues, or sample chapters. Just as all people are different, so are readers and fans. I can’t please you all. But I will apologize and tell you to turn a blind eye to the information that I post on my websites and Facebook pages.

Here are the teasers & clues I’ve posted thus far. I will update this posting after I’ve posted more in the future *every few days or so* Follow me on Facebook for up-to-date information *here*. Faithless Chapter One is available *here*  For a refresher on relationships of the characters, please check out the family trees *here*. Will be updated AFTER Faithless.

Added in order that I’d posted on FB.

This is why my head hurts from thinking. Dr. Lunatic’s innermost thoughts.
Ez to Faith:
“Yes, that’s when I beg them to take over. Since we’re being honest, sometimes I lie. Sometimes I say it’s Ezra or Master Ez, but it’s really me- us. Sometimes I pretend I’m asleep when Ezra is in control and I tell him to do bad thing so I can get away with it. Like punch Cort or scream in my mother’s face or hurt Marc. Master Ez is the only part stronger than I am when I’m whole. He can shut me down in an instant. Sometimes… sometimes I’m not sure which part of me is the real part. Is it me, me right now? I can feel them both, which means I’m whole, but is that who I really am? Or am I supposed to be Ezra or Master Ez?” 

*More teasing*
“Shall we,” (it’s a secret, TW) politely gestures towards the large entryway to the foyer.
“Don’t look at me like that, Faith,” TW quietly warns as he shuts the double door to Whittenhower Estate’s cavernous study. “I’m not a monster,” is said when the lock clicks into place.
“Why the lock?” I ask, walking backwards until my ass bumps into the huge desk that dominates the center of the room.
“Privacy,” is said in a way that is scary as hell. “I want to thank you, Faith,” the gratitude in TW’s voice seizes the air in my lungs.

A teaser of what I’m editing. Step one of Faith turning into Syn.
I scream bloody-murder at the night sky. Not giving a shit that lights are popping on in my neighbors’ homes or that dogs are howling and barking. I’m just the crazy Simpson girl having a breakdown in the middle of the street while her boyfriends chat with a shrink.
Neck straining from the force of my lungs propelling all my pent up frustrations through my throat and out my mouth, I scream. My fists clench at my sides until my knuckles turn white. Even my toes flex into the pavement.
It’s either scream or kill or fuck something. I’m all alone- so screaming it is.
Screaming isn’t helping- I don’t want to scream anymore.
I look at the ground in defeat- my labored breath sawing between my dried out lips. My chest rapidly rising and falling as my heart pounds behind my breasts. My silent tears splat to the gray street, slowly turning the pavement darker- almost black.

A lil tease to please.
“Do me a favor,” I bashfully say, not sure how to tell anyone this. I grip the doorjamb and look over my shoulder at Wil, hating the glisten to his eyes. “I… I can try to change my looks so I don’t look like XXXXX, but I can only do so much. But one thing is tied to our identities, and right now, I’m Faithless.”
“What?” Wil and Grant say at the same time.
“I need to be Faithless. Lara named me Faith. XXXXX was selfish and my middle name is XXXXX. If I have to renounce my last name to be rid of the rest, I will. I’m faithless. I want nothing to do with the women I call mom. Two women have loved me- Aunt Amelia and my grammy. I will honor the family that loved me- my daddy, my aunt, and their momma. Grammy’s name was Cynthia and her maiden name was Brooks. From now on, my name is Cynthia Brooks.”
Faith no more, our Syn is born.

To say Syn is a feminist would be the understatement of the year… This is why I am so strung out after writing a few thousand words. Faithless is emotionally taxing.
Please forgive the cursing- Syn was having a fit of epic proportions during a meeting.
Don’t read if you avoid teasers and spoilers.


“Women are not the weaker fucking sex!” I scream so loud the chandelier vibrates. I jump with every word, pounding my fists on my thighs from fury and frustration. “Just because we can’t fight you off, doesn’t give you the right to violate us!”
I yank at my hair and snarl. I turn into a rabid animal as the thirst to kill flows through me, over me, and tries to suffocate me.
“I just want to take every fucking one of you that has a dick and tie your asses down. I want to tell you what to do, how and when to speak, and who, what, and when you’re going to fuck. Then I want some huge motherfucker to rape you- repeatedly- until you get what it feels like to be a woman EVERY FUCKING DAY OF HER LIFE!” roars from my chest.

Faithless: This is not a tease, it’s a clue! A clue to what, I’m not telling!

I stare up at the big, anxiety-causing brick building that looms before us. Actually, it’s not looming- it’s comforting in a cheery ‘I’m gonna save your ass’ sort of way. It’s the building where Heroes lie in wait to help the misfortunates. The fallout shelter symbol makes me think of Zombies and the Apocalypse. The building will even be your hero if Mother Nature or a warring country kicks our asses- comforting.

Clue #2:

“You shouldn’t be doing this for me,” I quickly flip around and accuse. “This profession isn’t to be taken lightly. It’s not a way to get underneath my skin or stalk me,” I growl.
Wil’s lips twitch at the corners- his version of a real smile. He looks proud and happy to see me, and it feels like a punch to the gut. 

The previous 2 clues were about Syn- something Ez and Whitt were wondering about our petite sadist during a scene in KING.
A new string of clues
Clue 1- Wil:
Our husky-eyed enforcer first came into the storyline during Dexter. A pair of siblings hit that book and quickly faded into the background- always there, always watching, but never spotlit!

Teaser? Clue? Not sure which. Just a lil something I found as I was editing what I wrote previously.

The humiliating difference of this lecture versus all the other lectures is that Gunner has a front row seat to the show. We’re on the roof. It’s a beautiful, warm night with stars twinkling overhead… and Stanton’s words aren’t exactly melodious with the car alarms, gun fire, and sirens. The thump of bass from Ridin’ High is in time with the pulse of the vein in Stanton’s forehead. 


In the next few days I will add more teasers & Clues as I write- on my FB page first. I will also give updates on my progress and I may post Chapter two on Sunday after I’ve reread it and added my tweaks. In a few days I think I will post my SYN playlist that I listen to to drown out the background noise of life. Thankfully the house is quiet so my poor eardrums will get a rest. So be on the lookout on Facebook & on my website

~Happy Wicked Reading~

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