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Widow: Release Date

Since I’ve received a high-volume of traffic to my website asking for Widow, this is for y’all 😀
Here’s the lowdown. I’m actively writing Widow, and I am trying my damnedest to meet my deadlines. With luck, Widow will be out on June 15th.
The cover is everywhere, but I will be posting an updated blurb within a week or so.
Estimation on length: 500+ pages (a conservative guesstimate)

If you’re a deviant soul & you don’t mind adult content, join us at M&M of Restraint– a closed group on FB dedicated to my fans. I post teasers and such, along with a healthy dose of naughty images and group conversations. We will welcome you to the dark side with open arms, but only if you have a twisted, open mind. You’ve been warned.

Back to writing Widow.

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