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Good Girl: UPDATE Your Kindle Copy

Good Girl’s revamped edition is now available on Amazon at a special republish sale price of 99 pennies. *limited time only* List Price: $4.99 **Purchase on Amazon**


Do I need to reread the revamped edition if I previously read Good Girl: Yes. GG’s 1st edition was 120,000 words & 50 chapters. GG’s Revamped edition is 220,000 words and 86 chapters. Storyline threads have been deleted. Every scene has been rewritten with many deleted. The main premise has been changed. Characters have evolved. The genre has changed from Erotica to Romance. The series title has changed from Playroom to Blended. Major editing. My apologies. GG is the foundation of the Blended series, and while writing Widow I hit major roadblocks that needed eliminated. GG will go through one more major edit when I edit the print proof for publishing into paper, but nothing will change other than those pesky errors. So if you find mistakes… after thousands of hours of staring at GG, sorry, I’m not touching it for at least a month.

Do I need to repurchase a copy of Good Girl: NO! Please, do not repurchase. I don’t wish to be paid twice for the same book, even though it is vastly different. Repurchasing GG will NOT give you the latest edition. Even if you delete GG off of your Kindle Library/Account, Amazon’s database still sees it as just re-downloading the previous copy while taking your hard-earned money. DO NOT REPURCHASE!!!  I tried this myself, and was saddled with the same copy after spending a buck.

Will deleting the copy off of my device and re-downloading update my copy: No. I also tried this in the past.

Will an update be available through Amazon: Yes. Patience, please. At the bottom of this posting, I will c/p my email correspondence with Amazon to keep you informed.

Is there a way to update my copy until Amazon issues an official update: Yes. Manually through Amazon’s customer service. I will list a tutorial that Angela prepared for us from her experience. She said it took a total of 8 minutes from start to finish. So do not be intimidated by the steps.

How will I know if I have the updated edition: The title page will list that this is the Revamped/revised Edition February, 2014 & the Kindle Copies will say this on top of every page: Good Girl (Blended)

What do I do if I want to keep my old edition of Good Girl but also obtain the revamped edition: Screen shot your kindle library with Good Girl showing as proof of purchase, email me the image at: I will email you the newest copy.

Here is my email from Amazon:

We received your request to provide updated content to customers who purchased your book. Thanks for providing specific details about the changes made. We’ll perform a review of the changes to determine the most appropriate way to describe the updates to your customers. This review will complete within four weeks, and the possible results of our review are listed below.

1. If the changes made to your content are considered critical, we’ll email all customers who own the book to notify them of the update and improvements made. These customers will be able to choose to opt in to receive the update through the Manage Your Kindle page on

2. If the changes made to your content are considered minor, we won’t be able to notify all customers by email, but we will activate their ability to update the content through the Manage Your Kindle page on

3. If the changes made to your content have caused unexpected critical issues with the book content, we’ll temporarily remove your book from sale. We’ll notify you of any issues found so you can fix them. Once the improvements are made, just let us know and we’ll then email customers as in case 1.


While researching, I also see that you’ve already purchased the book “Good Girl” and a content update is available for your device.

At this time, customers who have purchased a Kindle book cannot automatically download the revised content. Our technical team is aware of this issue, and are working towards automating this process.

In the meantime, we can manually send the updated content to your device. Before we send it, you should be aware that once the new content is received, features such as Highlights, Last Page Read and Bookmarks will be removed and the locations of notes may not match in the updated copy of your book.
Erica again: as you can see from my email, you can manually have Amazon update your edition for you. Below will be the steps in how to go about this. You can do chat as below, or call Amazon for assistance. Please give Angela a huge thank you for writing this up for us. 😀

OK Everyone, here is the tutorial. It took me longer to write it up than it did to actually do the steps.

How to get Amazon to Push a Revised Edition of a book to your Kindle via Chat

1. Delete Good Girl from your Kindle device. Do NOT delete it from your Kindle Library.
2. Go to Manage Your Kindle (Link on Your Account drop down menu)
3. Allow Your Kindle Library to load for a minute and then type in “Good Girl” in the Search your library box.
a. “Good Girl (Blended) – Chilson, Erica” should appear in the drop down menu & click on it.
b. Right Click on the Order Details link & Open in a New Window or Tab
c. Go back to the Your Kindle Library page and move your mouse to hover over the Kindle Help link (located on the upper right side of the page below your Wish List tab).
d. Click on the Contact Us link. This should take you to the Help & Customer Service for Kindle page.
e. On the left side of that page, there is a Quick Solutions menu. Click on the Contact Us button. (You may be prompted to log into your account again.)
4. On the Contact Us Page,
a. Section 1 should have the Kindle tab active, so chose your Kindle Device.
b. Section 2, make the following selections:
i. Select an issue: My Kindle Books & Periodicals
ii. Select issue details: Managing/transferring content
iii. Select additional details: Using Archived Items
iv. Ignore the Did You Know? Section that pops up.
c. Section 3, Click on the “Start Chatting” Tab
5. When the Chat Window pops up and prompts you to explain your issue, enter the following info.
a. Hi, I need the revised edition of Good Girl by Erica Chilson pushed to my Kindle Account. Here is the corresponding Digital Order Summary ‪#‎D01‬-5255260-6444807. I have deleted the previous version from Angela’s 2nd FIRE.
b. Be sure to change the Digital Order # to your order number (which can be found in the other open window or tab from step 2b) and your Kindle’s Nickname.
6. You should be connected with a Kindle Customer Service Rep rather quickly who can help you out.
a. Warning: I have on one occasion gotten a CS rep who did NOT know what he was doing. If the CS rep asks you to delete the book from your Kindle Library, tell him/her NO, that you need the revised edition pushed to your Kindle and ask for a different rep if necessary.
b. Be sure to open the newly arrived copy of Good Girl and make sure the header at the top of the page reads GOOD GIRL (BLENDED) before you end your chat.



5 responses

  1. Thanks for the help! Just got the revised delivered and can’t wait to read it!

    February 14, 2014 at 11:32 am

  2. Tina B

    I picked up a copy! And I shared it. 🙂

    February 14, 2014 at 2:49 pm

    • WickedWriter

      Thank you, Tina. Happy Valentine’s Day!

      February 14, 2014 at 3:13 pm

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  4. Jennifer

    Your directions worked like a charm – got it today and will start reading again at lunch!!

    April 21, 2014 at 9:42 am

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