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I find myself in a precarious position. First, I must give you the sequence of my WIPs for you to fully understand my dilemma.
Silenced- Grant
Integrated- Ezra
Prince- Niel
Hero- Caleb
Master- Marcus
… and possibly Monster- Ava.

One would assume I’d be diligently at work on Silenced, being as it is the next book in my series… believe it or not, Integrated is complete and with the betas, several have returned their edits already. It’s slightly longer than The Hunter, maybe 400 ebook pages. Currently, Silenced is 10,000 words in length with a daunting outline- totally at odds with the light, sexy story I’d originally planned to tell…

The Dilemma: As a writer, you are subject to your creativity- inspiration- the muse. We have a short attention span- yes, that sounds strange coming from creatures that must have intense concentration to build worlds from nothing. But we most certainly have short attention spans. Like a shiny object to a cat, a light will catch our eye and our minds flit… “Oh, shiny- a new story to weave.”

Novelists write in intense bursts of creativity- speaking of my own experience, I can go 70 hours of non-stop writing, 50,000 words in three days… and then pass out. Burn out. After which, I tell myself to slow down, LIVE a little… experience life instead of writing about it. But the siren call is so much stronger… and I’m pulled back in within days.

As a slave to inspiration, you need to determine if your muse is truly leading you astray or towards destiny. Next, you must decide if you are being indulgent with your creativity. Are you allowing yourself to be led to greener but never better pastures, or is it the path you should take.

Here is the issue: I want, no, I need to write Hero. It’s thrumming within me- screaming. A character needs voiced while it’s still fresh in my mind… but does it truly, or am I just scared to dive into the pain that Grant has to show me when Caleb is promising… hope. For Silenced is just the beginning of Grant’s journey while Hero won’t necessarily be an HEA book, it’s pushing into one… Silenced will open up to another much more pain-filled book that I don’t know when I will be emotionally ready to write- if I’ll ever be emotionally able to write.

So here I am… I have a book completed with the one that I should be writing shelved… and then I want to skip yet another book to write the one following it. Here, have a visual, Silenced, Integrated *completed*, Prince, Hero.

But what readers won’t understand until they get their hands on the story within… those books are so interwoven that Silenced & Prince will be written together… and The Hunter, Integrated, and Hero are simply extensions of one other….

So, do I indulge my muse, leaving me with a huge backlist of books to publish once I get their predecessors written… or do I push through and fear ruining the story I weave?

Then there is the fact that it could just be a shiny object being dangled in front of my face, enticing me, seducing me when it’s the wrong path…

My books are complicated to say the least. The beginning books not so much, but as you delve into my series, you see why I must have 5 or more books outlined in order to keep A-Z straight. So one book interconnects with one several books into the reader’s future but they are my present… all of these books encompass the same time frame and cast of characters.

When I find myself hesitant to thoroughly commit to a project, it means there is an issue. I already broke form by writing Integrated before Silenced. When I finished, I completely revamped Silenced outline from being a fluff piece to something rivaling Faithless and the soon-to-be written Master. How Grant ended up with an epic book is beyond my scope. While in awe, I’m a so pissed at my muse I could shriek while yanking my hair out!

Yet again, after enthusiastically reworking Silenced outline, Hero is calling me.

One thing you must understand, when I commit to a story, I write it in its entirety without interruption- without living. I say without living because I become my characters. Don’t get me started on the  fact that I wanted to bite faces off while writing Faithless… Syn was a hard girl to have within your mind for 330,000+ words… Ugh! Cort was a breath of fresh air… Ezra, not bad, surprisingly. So when the choice is a sardonic yet playful submissive dealing with an abuse victim, an eighteen year old man-child, or a stern yet compassionate Marine…

yeah, I’m a 35 yo woman… snorts. Yeah, none of them fit the Erica profile-  but amazingly so, I write men better than women. I guess I go with my gut… much to the readers’ dismay with having to wait extra months for releases, but will get a bounty of the dang things in a month’s time- like four books dropping one week a part.

And then I say, “Erica, cut yourself some slack. Big-time authors only write one or two books per year, about 200k words, tops… you’re almost writing a million words a year (I just bypassed 800k in less than 9 months, in case you’re curious). Take a fucking nap it’s 5 am and you’ve yet to go to f’n bed! Tomorrow is another day, but it’s already upon you!”


I just feel pressure.

I have pressure mounting me from every direction- it’s why I often fantasize of a world of only my creation, and get mightily pissed when yanked from said world.

I guess, in a nutshell, and it answers my dilemma, other than the pull of creation, Hero isn’t pressuring me- it’s enlivening me.

While I may write it from start-to-finish, or I may write a chunk and return to the one known as coward… who knows. But I just realized the irony that I’m debating the coward vs the hero… *rolls eyes*


6 responses

  1. If you look in the future, are you going to be able to write Grant and then Marcus. It seems like those are two angsty emotional books that are going to be gut-wrenching to write. If your muse allows you, you might want to space them out….

    September 12, 2013 at 9:17 am

    • WickedWriter

      Grant’s book must be before Prince. I do believe it will be helpful to write the father and Son’s books back-to-back. Same with how I did Cort & Ezra’s books since they interconnect.
      I don’t plan on writing Marc’s book right away. It could be a good year before I get into it. I’m going to live in my other series until the majority, if not all, of it is written/released. Playroom will only have 7 books in total. I’ll need a good palate cleanser to clear my mind before writing Master. I’ll be heavily outlining as I write other books. I’m scared to get into it since I will most likely have to reread/re-edit/reformat the entire series before I attempt to do the MotU justice… so it could be a year in between Grant’s Silenced & Marc’s Master…
      Okay, I feel exhausted just reading what I wrote.

      September 12, 2013 at 9:56 am

  2. Samantha

    I think you should do whatever is best for you, yes we would have to wait a little longer but so what, you just released faithless and the hunter within a month, Dont feel pressure to get books out to your readers, if a muse is calling then maybe its better to write it and put off the next project a little longer!

    September 12, 2013 at 2:37 pm

  3. Tanya

    Erica you write how you want it doesn’t matter how the books come as long as they keep coming. They’re all awesome and so are you. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to read such great books.

    September 12, 2013 at 6:06 pm

  4. charlotte salyers

    As a writer myself I have always found it is best to trust in your muse. If she says, shelf this one for a minute i got something else for you to do. then do it. Dont try to force your process or it will be total shut down for you. My muse is a bitch. If she thinks im not listening to her she will shut up.FOR MONTHS.

    So my advise? do what your told. lol

    September 13, 2013 at 6:52 pm

  5. Sara

    I will say I do hate waiting for the new releases (what can I say I want more)….BUT however long it takes you rather it be next month or next year I’ll wait. This series is truly something special. I have no doubt that anyone who has read this series cover to cover (maybe more than once) will wait as long as it takes. So if a break is needed or you want to write out of order go right ahead. Thanks for a great series!!

    Patiently waiting, your loyal reader

    September 15, 2013 at 1:46 am

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