Delve into my imagination

Silenced Blurb

Slightly premature since I’m writing Integrated right now. But the muse writes whatever she wants, & she wanted to write Silenced’s Blurb. The cover is completed as well, but I’m not showing that yet 😉

Our Wicked Writer, the creator of our universe, refuses to have a character of less strength than she grace the pages of her books. I’ve begged, pleaded, gotten down upon my knees in supplication and batted my eyelashes at her. I even deployed my dimples, to which she scoffed in reply. Don’t repeat this, but I even offered myself to our Wicked Writer, to which she hastily palmed my forehead and shoved.

Months I annoyed her by whispering sweet nothings into her mind. When that failed, I began to silently scream. Finally she turned to me and spoke, “Grant, what the hell do you want?”

I quickly replied with, “I want a voice.” I pitifully pointed at my silent mouth and pouted. Our Wicked Writer rolled her green eye at me. “I’ll make it good,” I promised.

I was ignored. I thought and thought and thought. It tried the writer angle, to which she happily replied she would publish one of my numeral books for the masses. I am Grant Whittenhower, The Whittenhower. My pen name is James Atwater and our arrogant Wicked Writer said she’d publish one of my books in her name- the audacity. But being the weakest willed of all of her characters, I wouldn’t say as much to her face.

Finally, I appealed to her nature. For our Wicked Writer is really, really wicked. I have committed all of the seven deadly sins, some of them more than once… and several at the same time. A sardonic smile and a, “regale me with your tale,” and I knew I had her.

I’m a coward, but I’m a naughty coward. Only one person brings the bravery out of me. My first love has evaded me for twenty five years. My tale will be one of all the deadly sins, for I’ve used every sin to capture her attention.

…But this is only half of my tale, for our Wicked Writer will not allow me to voice anything that isn’t a part of the hunt and capture. In a moment of kindness, Our Wicked Writer will allow my first mistress to voice the rest of my tale, but only when she sees fit.

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