Delve into my imagination

Cort: Lazy? Surely not!


“Is that chocolate?” I point at the milkshake. Aaron doesn’t say anything, but he doesn’t have to, either. The tightening around his eyes says, why, yes, Cortez, it’s chocolate. Please have my milkshake.  

“Don’t mind if I do,” I answer the tightening around Aaron’s eyes. I grab the milkshake and take a hearty pull.

“Your lazy ass will get fat,” Aaron growls, staring at the chocolate decadence streaming up the straw.

“I’m not fat,” I snidely hiss, pointing at my flat belly.

“I notice you didn’t bitch about being called lazy,” Aaron grumbles from around his burger. I just shrug. If the shoe fits… I’m too lazy to try it on for size. “I remember when you were a fat, little pudge,” Aaron taunts, still eyeing his shake like it’s a prize.

I set the chocolate shake down in front of Aaron. “I just wanted a taste… why do you have to be so mean?” My eyebrows pull together as my bottom lip pouts out.

“Cort,” Aaron sighs.

“I remember when you were four feet tall and seventy pounds, but I don’t call you a wimp to your face,” I softly say, sounding hurt.

“I’m sorry,” Aaron apologizes, just like I knew he would. “You’re not fat. Here, have the shake.” He hands it to me as a peace offering.

“Thanks,” I happily murmur, reaching for my prize. “I noticed you didn’t say anything about the lazy.”

“I cannot lie,” Aaron replies, grabbing a fistful of fries.

“I’m just fucking with ya,” I say with a laugh. “My lunchtime is dwindling.” I glance at the clock above Aaron’s desk- seventeen minutes- doable?

“Keep it below a keen. It was embarrassing last week when you were screaming Ezra’s name and I had two patients out here,” Aaron chastises, thoroughly annoyed.

“Be happy you weren’t Roarke, the day before yesterday…” I trail off. I plunk the half-drained milkshake back in front of Aaron and twist the knob to Ezra’s office.

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