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As a child, I was Faith. As a youth, I was Faithless. Before I reached adulthood, I was pure Syn. When I was a girl of fifteen, my daddy was incarcerated, my momma was worthless, and my sister was clueless. I did everything I could to survive, to keep my loved ones alive. I began playing the game, living the game, and hungering to change and rule the game.

I’ve lived a hard life- a life that has even harder decisions and the hardest of consequences. My life has given me the clarity to see what I am and accept it.

Experience Faith Simpson’s life as she goes from being an innocent, impressionable girl to Restraint’s hardhearted petite sadist. The 335,000 word epic journey spans nearly 17 years and the entirety of the Mistress and Master of Restraint Series. Your thirst for answers is quenched, leaving you satisfied but eager for more.

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