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WIP: Widow/KING/Wayward

This is a quick Work in progress update since a large amount of readers have flocked to my blog wondering when KING will be released.

I’m halfway through Widow. Widow has a cover and a final outline. I guesstimate 3 weeks of writing time, a few weeks of beta reads, and a late March release.

I’d wanted to be a rockstar and have KING or Wayward released by the year anniversary of Restraint, April 24th. That would have put me at 11 full-length novels published within a year’s time. I’ll stick with 10. 10 books, almost 750,000 words is good enough of an accomplishment. I’m not going to rush my work. This was one of my resolutions.

While Widow is hanging out with my girls, being read, edited, & critiqued, I’m writing up a rough outline for Wayward. Wayward is the 3rd novel in the Playroom series featuring the point of views of Augustus Kline, Robin Prynne, & Isis Mason. I have a general idea of what needs written and a firm vision of the book cover. I already have the Untitled 4th book in the Playroom series spinning in my mind, it will be in the pov of our Willow-Monster/Good girl, our wounded Officer Devon Mason, and our stud/f*ckface- Kieren Mason.

KING! There will be KING! Whitt will have his chance at a happily ever after. I begin writing KING sometime mid-March. I need to reiterate- KING isn’t the Final book in the M&M of Restraint series. I’ve seen countless reviews stating they are waiting for the final book in the series and countless search terms directing readers to my site asking when KING or when the final book is released. There will be many, many more books in this series. I created a large universe with many characters that need their chance to express their stories and I won’t finish until every last one of them has spoken.

KING is a transition for the series and I’m on the fence of what direction I want to go. The book is the foundation of the rest of the series and it’s pivotal that I create a solid base- a base that Restraint wasn’t.

The Playroom, however, will be less than a 10 book series. The main characters surrounding the Webster/Mason union will have a book, but the supporting cast of characters will not. It’s doubtful I will change my mind on this.

Search terms are a handy tool. It allows me to know what brings viewers to my website. I will say that there are a few of you naughty, naughty bad monsters looking for free reads. A lot of read ‘Erica Chilson PDF free’ has popped up recently. Firstly, I’ve never published my work in PDF- mobi & epub only. Secondly, if you would like a copy, please contact me. I will refer you to my giveaways or I may feel charitable and email you a copy. Please do not try to pirate my work- it’s naughty!

Another viewer was searching for more info on Katya/Cortez/Ezra. Katya may or may not receive another chance to voice her thoughts. It’s doubtful at this point. She may or may not have a POV in future books. Cortez & Ezra will each get their own books. They have a huge backstory to tell. In fact, Cortez’s book will be after KING. I’ve written a large portion of it already.

Here is how my future endeavors look:

Widow (March)
KING (May/June)

Wayward (Summer)

Cortez (Late summer/early fall)

Untitled Playroom #4 (Fall/Winter)

That is firm. It’s up in the air after that, especially since it will be nearly a year from now before I finish off that list. I’m not sure who will get to be in the next M&M book. Perhaps, Syn. Playroom #5 will be one of the characters from #4.

If you’d like more info, comment on this posting or shoot me an email:

Off to fill out my jury duty questionnaire,  answer some correspondence, make dinner, and hopefully read something while watching Homeland.

I’ll be back to my Wicked Writing ways next week!!!

~Happy Wicked Reading~


2 responses

  1. Samantha

    I am extremely excited! I love your books and can’t wait for more of the playroom, I am hooked on M&M of Restraint series. Patiently waiting for king, love love love Whitt but I must say I did a little happy dance when I read Cortez and Ezra would have their own books! It didn’t even cross my mind that they would. This is one exciting year for all your releases.

    February 21, 2013 at 4:01 pm

  2. Darcy Villalobos

    You are a super human! How do you keep your thoughts straight? You must have post it notes EVERYWHERE. I’m grinning like an idiot reading about all the books your writing. YAY!!! So excited.

    February 22, 2013 at 1:15 pm

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