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Good Girl Info

Good Girl   Good Girl was slated for release this month, but it will  be late January, early February before its release. The reason being is that Checkmate took a lot out of me. It turned into a huge effort, and then the creation of the omnibus edition. The holidays were upon us, and then it was giveaway, blog hops, and promotions time.

The main reason for Good Girl’s delay is that while I was writing Checkmate it sat and developed into something else. I was unhappy with how it was. It was a fun, lighthearted read, but it needed something else- oomph it was lacking or angst. Willow is, after all, a eighteen year old, and they are notorious for angst. GG was 63,000 words in length when I sent it to the betas and readers. They sent back a questionnaire upon reading it and I used that information for the betterment. I outlined another thread to the story that will nearly double the book in length. A thread that impacts an entire family, I was going to hold off until one of them was the main character of their own book before telling their story. I’ve since decided that it needs told. I won’t go into great detail because the story facets will be told through the Mason family’s books.

One more reason for the delay… I am dog-tired. Holy hell, I don’t think readers realize what a toll writing a book is. I have to be someone completely different to write a story. You have to become one with the characters and you cease to exist. While editing Checkmate, in a few hours time I was Regina Regal (Queen) Marcus Zeitler (writing the bonus scene, & Willow Pryne (Good Girl), not counting myself. I felt like I was Dr. Lunatic (Ezra/Master Ez). This is extremely taxing.

I am taking a break from writing until the 1st of the new year, but I will be busy blogging, promoting,  and running giveaway, blog hops, and an anniversary rafflecopter for Wicked Reads first anniversary. I also have Jury Duty on the 8th of January, so this may impact my ability to write and get GG published in a timely manner.

This girl needs a break for a few day. I’m going to finish reading a book today, contemplate removing the holiday decorations, and of course, never ending cooking and cleaning. I need a dang nap and the day has just begun!

My apologies on the delay. Happy Reading! & if you’d like a recommendation for a book to read in the interim, I am your go-to gal! Just let me know what genre trips your trigger and I’ll send you a list of my favorites. or go to our Goodreads’ group to chat with naughty book lovers!

~Happy Wicked Reading~


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