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Checkmate Release Date & Bonus Scene

Within 10 days Checkmate will be available for purchase. Checkmate is with the betas. I finished the manuscript late last night. Here are the details…
170,000+ words in length

55 chapters and an epilogue

A 6,000 word bonus scene  called Master Mash from the Point of View of the Master of the Universe, Marcus Zeitler.

A special sneak peek into Good Girl, Playroom #1- the entire 1st chapter.

Readers will get their money’s worth out of Checkmate. It is nearly the length of the 3 previous books. Regina had a lot of story to tell. All original plot threads have been tied up by book’s end and a few more were put into play. King will begin in the exact moment that Dalton and Checkmate concluded.

I murdered my laptop a week ago today and lost a lot of info, some I didn’t realize until I needed it. I started rewrites on Good Girl last night and all of my beta comments, edits, and reader questionnaires are *poof*. So I’m winging it. GG is already 65,000 words in length and I have a few more scenes to outline and write while Checkmate is with the betas.

I hope to have both books, Checkmate and Good Girl, released by Christmas and the Queen Omnibus before year’s end. *Fingers Crossed*

Here is a taste of the bonus scene.

Bonus Scene


As a thank you for riding this wild roller coaster with Regina Regal, I have a special bonus scene for you all. This scene was originally outlined to be included in Checkmate, but I felt it best not to include it. The following scene is not in any timeline, follows no rules, and may or may not occur in the future. It was simply an idea I had- a no holds barred idea of epic proportions.

~Thank you for reading Regina’s journey through her nightmarish fantasy to her reality~

*Master Mash*


-Marcus Zeitler- Master of our Universe-

Standing on the dais I’ve never felt so powerful. I gaze down to my people, the people I’ve trained. They gaze back at me with utter devotion and respect. If I say jump, they ask what bridge. I’ve twisted their will in my iron fist and pretzeled them into shapes they’ve never contemplated, and sometimes feared. I did it for their own good and they thanked me through moisture beaded eyes and tear stained cheeks. My God, I feel fucking powerful.

I smirk at the whole lot of them- they have no idea what I’m about to do. Some of them will want to kill be before this night is through and they have no choice. I snicker when they get that scared animal look when my eyes capture theirs. Every single one of them looks away- well, not her. She’ll never look away. She’s uneasy, but she trusts me and she knows the despicable lengths I’ll use to form us into unity.

I chuckle that deep laugh that makes Regina’s toes curl. I’ve perfected it just to see that glazed look in her eyes as it hits her ears and pools in her groin. Hmm… That’s right, lover, feel it resonate in your body.  

“Welcome, Masters of Restraint,” I say proudly and a bit grandly as I spread my arms and turn in a circle on the dais. I may not be gay-gay, but I have some fabulousness that likes to come out and play- I call it charisma. Regina calls it cut the shit, you rat-bastard. I toss her a wink because it confuses the hell out of her and I like to keep her on her toes.

I pull my cell from my pocket with an evil grin on my face. I type ‘lockdown’ and press send. I’ve captured everyone’s attention.

“In light of recent events I thought we should… bond,” I draw the word out and grin. Every Master freezes when they catch the mischievousness in my shit-eating grin. I type a few more words on my cell and a beat of music interrupts the uncomfortable silence. Thump… thump… thump… –The thump of a heartbeat that won’t be calm for long.

“Anyone ever play musical chairs?”  I rhetorically ask and I get a few shrugs and nervous titters in response. I can hear their thoughts… What chairs? The dungeon is empty of everything except the dais. The dungeon is completely devoid of anything but Masters… and not a chair in sight…

I narrow my eyes and grin. I tilt my chin down and raise my eyes through the fringe of my lashes. I know the impact this type of gaze has on them all- Cort and Regina practically melt to the floor, but the rest of them nervously shuffle from foot-to-foot. The gaze screams beware: shit’s about to get real- really uncomfortable for all of you…

2 responses

  1. That was an awesome read. I love it! I’m excited about Checkmate coming out!

    December 22, 2012 at 8:42 am

    • WickedWriter

      I’m uploading Checkmate to Amazon and B&N this evening- 24-48 hours later and it should be available. Thanks for reading! I’ll post as soon as it goes live 🙂


      December 22, 2012 at 9:11 am

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