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Checkmate Update- December Releases.

Checkmate will be released sometime this month. The delay is simply because the story keeps evolving. For every scene on my outline I add another. A scene could be half a chapter or three… It’s really lengthened the book, already the combined length of Jaded & Queened and I’m about 1/2 completed.  I’m sorry for the delay, but the finished product will be even better.

While Checkmate is with the betas, who will have to do a speed-reading and editing, I will be working on Good Girl. I have all the beta comments from the questionnaire and the edits. Their comments helped me outline additional scenes and rewrites and I’m looking forward to working on Good Girl. I’ve missed my Willow Monster. It’s release will be later this month as well.

The Queen Omnibus: Jaded, Queened, Checkmate will be available shortly after the release of Checkmate and Good Girl. I have a lot of formatting to combine the book into a 3-in-1 edition. The finished product will  be around 400,000 words and priced at $9.99, which is a significant discount from buying 3 separate books.

WIP: Tentative release dates.

Chrysalis (Lilies #1- Urban Fantasy) First Quarter 2013
Clover’s book (Untitled) (Playroom #2) First Quarter 2013
King (M&M #8) First or Second Quarter 2013

I may start a new project or work on a manuscript I have in progress- Atticus Fox. I don’t know the direction I want to take the story, when it comes to me I will be voracious writing it. By the end of December I will have released 9 books in less than 8 months. I’m trying to slow my pacing to make sure the books are the best they can be. It’s why I’ve sat on Good Girl and let it marinate, same with Chrysalis and Atticus Fox. I actually have 40,000 words written in Cortez. I’ve grown from my past mistakes. The drafts will be completed and then left to sit while I write something else. I need time to know how to tweak the story for the betterment.  This is me we are talking about, when I say left to sit, I mean a month or two. No worries. I plan on a steady flow of stories: 6-10 within a year’s time frame. I wrote a novella that was a memoir of sorts called Empowerment and a few novellas in the works for M&M that I would love to release. M&M novellas are YA and involve the children at Hillbrook Prep and the writings of Cortez Abernathy and James Atwater. Cort’s books will be a surprise genre and James Atwater’s numeral books are hardcore BDSM. I’ve toyed with the idea of making our Cort a romance writer for shits and giggles. Just what I’ve been mulling over for the future. I’d love to know thoughts on whether or not these books would be of interest.

As always, I love hearing from readers, whether you love or loathe. Please comment on the posts, join me on my FB Fanpage or email me:

Happy Wicked Reading


2 responses

  1. Larissa Rodgers

    I’ve added a few of your books to my tbr! Happy Holidays 🙂

    December 5, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    • WickedWriter

      Thanks, Larrissa!
      Happy Wicked Reading and Happy Holidays to you, too!

      December 5, 2012 at 3:10 pm

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