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Unleashed News~ Covers Released~ Restraint .99






Restraint is .99 cents on Amazon & B&N  as part of the Wicked Nights Sale until November 14th. Please pick up your Revised copy at this discounted rate! Please check out the other Authors who are participating in the sale.  I will do a post on the 30th with more information.

 The revised edition of Unleashed will be available soon. Mother Nature has a way of ruining plans, but I plan on uploading the revised Edition of Unleashed to B&N and Amazon Monday Night, power willing. It will be another 12-72 hours for the sites to post.

I added 8 additional scenes to Unleashed. It bypassed the 100k word mark. These scenes were pivotal to the series and the upcoming Queen books. I would recommend a reread of the series from the beginning, but if I were to select one book of the four currently in release of the M&M of Restraint series that is a must for a reread it would be Unleashed….

Also… The tabs have been updated on this blog this evening. Check them out. More information will be added when I write the Blurbs for the 5 books that will be released the last week of November.

As always, I love hearing from readers, please email me:

Happy Wicked Reading

& for those in the storm’s path- stay safe.


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