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Author Central Facebook Group

Authors need other Authors for advice. We are all at different points in the game. Whether you are an aspiring Author or a seasoned author of countless books, we all need advice. Author Central is a place to ask questions, give advice, obtain information, or simply commiserate with those who truly know what you are going through.

I would love to welcome anyone who writes to join us, no matter if you are a newbie or an expert- short stories- to epic novels- non-fiction – fiction.

Sarina Asheford and I wanted a place to ask questions, give advice, and to discuss our craft that wasn’t inundated with Authors pushing their work.  Author Central is a new group (Its birth was 10/8/12) and is growing. Current advice is listed in the file section of the group.

I will list a few of the files so that you may see if the discussions appeal to your needs and if Author Central is the right Group for you.

Royalty-free stock image Sites

Misc… Organizing your work and backup

Photo Editing software 

Cover Advice

Group Rules

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