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Wicked Insanity

These past few months have been a wicked ride. In the past 8 weeks I have published two books and written two more that will be released on July 13th. To say I feel stressed would be an understatement.

The past week in the life of Erica Chilson: Brought to you by: AMP energy drinks.

In the past week alone I thought I’d lost my mind. I have nearly written a book in one week- it will  be Thursday. & hopefully the book will be completed by then. In one week’s time I have fixed errors to both Restraint & Unleashed and loaded the revised editions on Amazon and B&N. I finished writing Dexter, edits, sent it to the betas, collected edits and made revisions. In this time I also wrote Dalton and helped create two book covers with my sister’s expertise. I revamped the Written Word blog. Held a Bloghop on two different blogs and already have the prizes sent to the winners. I revamped my personal Facebook page and created a new Facebook page specifically for fans of my writing. I loaded the information for both books on Goodreads. I also posted several blog posts. I maintained my connections on all the sites I frequent.  I’m sure I am forgetting something. Oh, yeah…sleep. If I could turn the voices off in my head I could take a break, but they demand to have a voice. No one can accuse me of being lazy ever again. I broke two records for myself: Wrote a book in a week with all that stuff going on at the same time & breached the 14,000 word mark for words written in a day.

I was asked earlier if pushing out a book is a good idea- like with most things it creates an inferior product. That isn’t the case for me. It is about getting the first draft completed to get the information out of my head before I go crazy. It compounds on top of more and more info. I wrote a serialize storyline writer’s insanity in a previous blog. The first draft is just the first step. You write it. Edited it.  Send it to betas and wait, while waiting I do promotions for the book and create covers. Then I write something else. As beta feedback trickles in I edit the mistakes. And go back to writing the new book. When the new book is finished I go back and do scene edits to the first book. And this is the vicious cycle of my life. Would I change it? NO. Would I slow down? Yes, if they voices in my head would shut up for a damn minute!

Restraint will be free July 13-15 in celebration of the release of Dexter and Dalton. Also in celebration of my 34th birthday on July 11th. If you’d like to give me well wishes I would appreciate some word of mouth as presents. Just share or recommend my book- it will be free after all. I thank you in advance 😉

The reason I am releasing two books simultaneously was apparent when this evening I received two emails just minutes apart. Here they are. They made me giggle, so I have to share them.

Finished!!  awesome by the way, GREAT ending,  CUNT!  LOL!!!  WTF!  damn it Dalton!  all the scenes were super hot…Katya is crazy dude!  LOL!! 
you’re amazing!
I promise the word CUNT is a term of endearment. Just kidding. It’s an inside joke on authors who leave us wanting more in a bad way… It hurt so good.
No no no no no no no!!!!!! You can not just stop the book like that!!!!!!! I kept trying to turn the damn page and it wouldn’t go any where!!! When can I get Dalton?!?!?! I need it! I need to know what happens!! I thought it was him at one point but I know its not. I’m still sticking with Queen as the mole and Ava and Diane as the people responsible for GN. I need more!!!
SO this is the reason I wrote two books at the same time. & guess what? The next three will be too. Queen-Cortez-Whitt will be released the same day. I promise Dalton doesn’t end in this fashion. LOL!

I have some more stuff to say, but it would be better in its own posting.

Happy Wicked Reading

~Erica Chilson

2 responses

  1. Cassie H.

    WOW! I had to read this to my husband, the part of you releasing 3 books at the same time. I told him ”I don’t know how she does it!” his reply, “she most likely writes like you read.” lol. Only if I could just have a little of the writing you have, then i would be good to go. And no, no one can call you lazy. I loved reading those two emails you got, so funny. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to sink into Dalton’s work and read the next 3 books. Congrats on your success!!!!

    June 26, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    • WickedWriter

      Thanks so much for all your help Cassie. This is one of my favorite parts of being a writer- interacting with people who love the things I love. Dalton will be in your inbox by Saturday, but I’m hoping for Thursday. I am adding some scenes to Dexter. When I release the books I will give you a copy of their final editions. Thanks for the help. I truly appreciate it!

      June 26, 2012 at 9:32 pm

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