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A serialized storyline writer’s insanity!

I’m feeling a lil insane at the moment. I am two chapters away from finishing Dexter’s book. He is satisfied with his book and so quiet inside my head I am having trouble finishing his story to my satisfaction. Meanwhile, my mind is a circus. I have at least ten people screaming at me wanting their voices heard. It’s maddening!

Katya is calmly sitting next to Dexter and Monica chatting about the weather.  She knows she is last on the list and is patiently waiting her turn. Marcus and Cort are in the center of the room locking horns, and I don’t mean that in the sexual sense. The are having a fight of dominance to see who is top dog. They are so annoying that they aren’t even fighting over who gets the next book, they know it’s not them. They are just fighting because that is what they are best at. Ava is twirling her hair around her pinkie with a satisfied smirk on her face. Diane is standing in the balcony looking down at us all watching the chaos she created.

The next character is awfully quiet. He was bothering me two days ago and has since shut the hell up when everyone else raised their voices. He better start chirping again in a few days or I am screwed.

I am going insane because I cannot write what they want fast enough. I have threads all over the place that wants to be woven into the story, but it has to wait until its character is voiced. My mind is whirling as I figure out who best to speak the events that are unfolding. Whose perspective is appropriate for what situation. The next book is solidified, he knows he’s next so he is eerily quiet.

This is what I am living with, sleeping through, and thinking endlessly about. There is no peace. And the more I write the worse it gets because the story evolves into something more complex. Had I known two and a half months ago, that fine Thursday morning, when I woke up to the idea of Katya Waters that it would turn into such chaos would I have fostered the idea?  Yes, I would have. It’s rewarding in its madness.

All I can say is that these books will be my life until their completion. The fact that I will finish the next book in the series 7 days after the last’s release tells you how demanding the muse is being. The next character was screaming so loudly that I interrupted my 2 day hiatus to write again so I could get to his book faster.

M&M of Restraint is a twisted series that is playing out inside my imagination. It keeps evolving into a larger creation. I have to get their words out to save my sanity.

I will say that Dexter and the following book will  be released in conjunction together. I do this because otherwise I would risk the readers’ wrath. Dexter ends with an explosive conclusion and it would piss off the readers if I left them hanging. Never fear- my character will not let me slack for a damn minute. You will get their books as fast as I can type them.

BTW, I thought I have a smudge of something on my space bar. I scrubbed away at it until I noticed that it wasn’t budging. I looked closely and noticed the white mark was an indent. I have worn the finish off my space bar with my left thumb. It is a large gouge. I’ve typed 400,000 words in less than a year. Combine that with blog postings, book reviews, and chatting on Facebook and emails I know I’ve hit the half a million  mark. No one can doubt my status as a writer at this point.

Both Wicked Reads the blog and the Facebook page is going to hell. I don’t have the time to read, let alone write up a review. I am thankful that Amber is at least paying attention to the fans of Wicked Reads. I am lucky if I get a short story read. I waited an entire year to read LKH’s Kiss The Dead and I’ve read 5 pages of it before “the unknown character” started screaming at me. “Hey, it’s my turn next, dammit. Get to typing, you lazy bitch.” Yes, the next character is an asshole. My NookColor is weeping next to me. His charger cord was smashed two weeks ago and I’ve yet to replace it. That tells you how much reading I’ve accomplished. I’ve used the Nook app on my laptop and all the while Dexter winks at me from the tool bar. Yeah, he gets my attention first and foremost. Trueblood season 5 starts on Sunday and I should be going nuts with anticipation. I’m not. I haven’t even bothered to buy the newly released season 4 dvds- eventually. Maybe I will tomorrow- who knows?

So please forgive my absence as I write. I promise I am not being lazy. My Mother is having a fit because my help has diminished the more my muse screams in my head. I apologize.

In the end I will have created an entire world where people live and breathe. I will bring life to my imagination. I hope I am sane when it’s completed!!

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