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Restraint Release

Restraint was released on April 25th on Amazon for the Kindle. The price $2.99 or free for Amazon Prime members. Borrow/Lend is also available. Look in the near future for promotional pricing.

I am super excited, nervous, and thrilled to have my work published. I’m currently writing the continuation and conclusion of the Katya Waters story that began in Restraint.

I would love any feedback from those who have received a copy from me, won a copy, or purchased one. Any feedback, whether Like-Love-Loathe-Indifferent is welcome. Please rate &/or review, not only for my own feedback, but for readers to decide to read/not to read my work. I would appreciate just a few minutes of your time by leaving your thoughts on Amazon & GoodReads. Also, if you are a member of GoodReads and you are interested in this book please mark it as to-read. This will help spread word on Restraint.

I would like to share a few of the reviews that Restraint has received in the last 36 hours since it’s release.

As an erotica writer and fan I like to think that I am open to just about any sort of story. Most dark erotica comes across to me as serious and intense and dangerous. There’s plenty of that in Restraint, but there’s also a humor and snark that makes the characters very believable and shows their personalities outside of the sexual context. Katya and the Boss are exciting to read, their interactions are at time shocking, at times sweet but always most intense. The other characters are much more than filler- their personalities, needs and desires are also exposed and you’ll find that they are just as interesting and deep as Katya and the Boss.
Shelves: 2012
I cant wait to read the next book! Katya is a very interesting heroin with a dark background. She exudes confidence but with just the right touch of insecurity/self loathing in a main character to make her someone I can relate to & get behind. this book has great plot twists and OMG revelations that keep you from putting it down! Definitely worth the read!!! not to mention a plethora of interesting hot male characters! 🙂 reminiscent of good old Anita Blake to me…i’m a fan!
Shelves: kindle
What can I say? I loved this book. I’m so glad I got the chance to read it. I can’t wait for the next installment comes out! I don’t do re reads, But I will re read this book. I LOLed so much and smiles til my cheeks hurt. I couldn’t put it down. Thank gosh I wasn’t driving to work or from work that day!

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