Delve into my imagination

Restraint Teaser #3- Hunting Katya

Feet slapping the ground, breaking twigs in their path. Breath sawing out, exhale clouding the air across my face as I run- run for my life. Another tree in my path slowing me down as I find a way around it. Four bodies charge me from different sides- herding me, running me to ground as a pack.
I’ve walked this path since I was a child. I know every dip, curve, and incline. Up until just moments ago this was where I went to clear my mind. Now I run for my life hoping my knowledge will pull me through to the other side- safety.
They run in perfect synchronization, breathing in harmony with the next, legs moving with the same gracefulness. If it weren’t me or them I may have found it breathtakingly beautiful.
I speed up on the descent down the ravine. They are trying to pull me off my course. It’s working. I am no longer on the trail. I am beside it going at an angle. The one in charge is maneuvering me to his destination and I am powerless to stop it.
The primal, animal side of my brain already recognizes it’s capture. My body floods with adrenaline. A quaking rocks my entire body slowing my pace. I shiver in the cold even as my body erupts with sweat.
My logical brain will not give up. Never give up. I will fight to my very death. My mind spins escape routes and defense plans as I am led, pushed, and driven by the unit. My only escape is the water. If I can just get to the water I could swim to safety. Like the trail, I know everything about the water as well.
The leader comes into focus just off to my right. I stumble when I see the fierce look on his face, the look of triumph as he gains on his prize. “It won’t be long, boys,” his smug voice sounds like broken glass to my sensitive ears.
He is in easy reach now. I veer to the left, away from his grasp, and miscalculate the trajectory of the other hunters. Arms enclose me from the side. I close my eyes in defeat.
“I’m so sorry,” he whispers against my hair.

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