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Beta Readers Wanted

I am almost finished with my Novella, Restraint. I am looking for people interested in Beta Reading my work. I need readers who will be critical and are apt in spelling and grammar. Basically, I need to find the mistakes that I overlook; which is easy to do when you have to story imprinted in your mind, and your eye grazes over the mistakes.

The reader must be over 18 since this is an erotic novella. Also, it is important that you have read books in this genre or the content my disturb you. This is a Dark Erotica novella- explicit situations and graphic scenes. I am looking for someone who is experienced in this genre- meaning they will understand the psychological aspects of the story as well as requirements within the erotica genre.

I’m don’t want anyone who is just looking for a free read. This will not be a lot of work for the reader; just read the story, and point out any errors that you noticed along the way. I, however, want to have dialogue with the reader. I expect constructive criticism. You don’t have to be mean, just know that my feelings will not be hurt by your suggestions. The criticism is so I can make my story the best that it can be. Sometimes as a writer you become tunnel visioned, you only see the story one way, and need a fresh perspective. Ask questions, such as, “why did the character do that?” Or point out scenes that do not effect the overall storyline. I wish no filler in my work, all scenes must have meaning to the overall premise. I want my characters to be within “character”. I wish for the scenes to flow smoothly. These are the things that I want my Beta Readers to point out for me.

I expect to finish within the next two weeks, then give my Betas two weeks to read over the story before my final edits.

If you are interested, and you are knowledgeable in the Dark Erotica genre please contact me at:

Thank You,

Erica Chilson

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