Delve into my imagination

Teaser from Restraint-Erica Chilson

A peek into what I’ve been working on. Something fun to write while my mood is light.

Katya Waters is playing cat and mouse with an admirer named “the Boss”. The story is Kat’s journey to figure out who the man is…

Warning: The story is explicit, however, the excerpt is tame.

Katya’s first encounter with “the Boss”

Freshly washed and feeling fine as I wandered down a brightly lit hall from the ladies restroom. And what a restroom it was, granite and slate with the music piped in just as loud as the rest of the place. As I rock down the hall I am flung from my path. Before I could even utter a word a large palm is covering my mouth. In less then five seconds I am inside a pitch black room, pushed face first into the door, hearing the lock snick into place, with a heavy weight at my back.
“Let me guess… the Boss,” I say to the heavy weight at my back.
He chuckles in affirmation while something metal is clicked into place on my right wrist.
“Don’t take that off… ever.” His voice is smoky, deep, and slightly husky from abducting me. He’s getting off on this game. I try to wiggle out of his arms with no hope. He picks me up until were are even in height. My feet dangle a good foot from the ground. Just as the idea pops into my mind two large thighs part my legs rendering them motionless. Great!
“I’m the Boss and I can do anything I please with you.” More chuckles vibrate against my back and tickle the hairs at the nape of my neck.
“I take it ya heard that, did ya?”
“Just remember, Kitten, the Boss is everywhere, hears everything, all knowing is the Boss.”
“The Boss also talks in third person and apparently has a sick obsession with Bruce Springsteen. And I will never call him the Boss. You aren’t any boss of mine.”
I receive a nip of teeth to the back of my neck right over my tattoo. “Bad Kitty, I should punish you.” He laughs for a moment enough to vibrate the door. The Boss finds himself humorous.
“You will call me Master Ez. And Kitty Kat, I will always be your boss whether you like it or not, you must accept.” He fists my wrists above my head in one of his large paws, his other ventures down to where the sleaze had bloodied me.

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