Delve into my imagination

Teaser #2-Restraint-Erica Chilson

In my haste to evacuate my circumstances I charge headlong into a solid chest. I drop all of my stuff to the floor and look up- up to my boss. Not the boss directly ahead of me, no, the owner and president of my company, Mr. Zeitler.
A flush creeps up my face, burning and prickling at my skin. I am pale, but I do not turn that gorgeous color Kayla does as she blushes. I look ruddy. I flush harder from embarrassment.
Dark gray eyes captivate me, hold me in check as a predator holds it’s prey. My breath seizes and turns to little pants. Adrenaline floods my veins, a sensation that is coveted by my kind.
“Katya Waters,” a deep voice whispers across my flesh. Big eyes blink and break my capture. I feel a weight on my shoulder as my bags settle into place. I hadn’t even seen him move and pick up my dropped bags.
“Thank you, Sir,” I whisper to Mr. Zeitler. A dimple appears in his cheek and a sly smile spreads across his lips.
“Anytime. You need to get your frustrations out before you explode. Are you going to take care of that, or do I need to help you out?”
I blink repeatedly and shake my head to and fro trying to grasp what he means. I hear a masculine chuckle and glance up to Zeitler’s back moving away from me as he strides down the hall.

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